The Life of Jan Ashby

I am a 54 year old writer living in North Dakota.  Besides writing, I love to draw and paint.  An avid tennis player, I scored a few small trophies when I was younger.  One of the most rewarding periods of my life was spent as a teacher.  I taught kids how to drive in California – brave, huh?  Actually, I really like teaching and building websites.  I like instructing on Beginners WordPress.


Jan Ashby  Beginners WordPress                              

I have a family-based website, Healthy Kids Info, that I am pretty proud of.  I was first attracted to the internet 5 years ago, and I decided I would like internet marketing.  It is fun learning all these new technical things – I really like the keyword research.

I imagine this is because English and writing were subjects I excelled at in school.  Some of keyword research has to do with having a firm grasp of vocabulary, and the meaning of words.  When you drill down in search of little gems, you need to be able to discern certain things – such as the exact meaning of a phrase so that you’ll know whether or not it is a good fit for your niche content.

The Life of Jan Ashby- Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been my main area of interest.  Yet I only recommend the products which are high value, high quality.

As I learn more about seo and building sites, I look forward to sharing this information with you. It is so rewarding to share new discoveries. To this end, I have a newsletter.  Just enter your name and a good email address in the Opt-in form on the right.  I am available by Skype, as well.  Do a search for Jan Ashby; I am the one in North Dakota.

P.S. I’m also a big animal lover.  Currently I have one dog – Koko       

P.P.S.  Currently I am taking an internet marketing course to get onto the First Page of Google – it’s called Sakura Project. You may want to try it – Sakura Project has FREE training on keyword research, & seo.


Join for Free at this website link, and decide if you like it well enough to upgrade (later).  It is

  free internet marketing training

And if you’d like to communicate, you can find  :-) jan ashby  in Skype – just look for the North Dakota location on Jan Ashby, and then send me an invitation.   And remember that beginners are welcome – this is WHY I mentioned Beginners WordPress  above.

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Jan Ashby

Learn by Helping. Help by Learning.

Give of Yourself & Find Fulfillment !


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