14 Ways to Make an Effective Website and Increase Website Conversion Rate

Do You Want to Increase Website Conversions and Make Visitors Remember Your Site?


Tips For Increasing Website Ranking and Traffic

Split Testing and Conversions

Here are some principles to follow so that you can improve your Google and Bing Rankings, gain more traffic and be well on your way toward increasing website ranking   

  • Create a value-packed site, offering coupons and trials on your products or services.

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Blogging Tactics: How to Make Your Blog Shine

Blogging Tactics – 10 Tips by Heidi Cohen

–  By Jan Ashby

I will share six of the excellent tips Heidi came up with at her blog – if you want a peek at the rest, click the link at the end.  I relate to number 2 – “Build a body of content related to your niche”, as it seems most essential. Equally significant, I feel, is to make a commitment.  If you’re going to do a thing, do it right.  So lay out a budget, and hire a virtual assistant or a content writer thru iWriter, Fiverr, or NeedanArticle.

You also need a calendar (online calendar or offline) to schedule topics and types of material you’ll publish and how often (slideshow, vlogging, content curation, blog post with lists & recommendations etc.).  See my related post – Editorial Content Template .
Here are the first six of Heidi’s 20 blogging tactics    Heidi Cohen

1. Make a commitment to blogging.

Translation: budget and headcount. Someone must be responsible for the creation, publication and distribution of your blog’s content.

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Content Marketing Tips: A Compilation of 4 Useful Posts

Content Marketing Tips – Ways of Reusing Your Material and Branding Yourself


Jan L Ashby

Today I’d like to share 4 content marketing tipsthese are either great blog posts, slideshows or video.

Let’s start with the video.. this one discusses how you can use old blog posts to create fresh content. It is by Belinda Weaver:


7 Practical Ways to Take Old Material and Create New Media:

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Blog Persona and Brand: Building Your Character Out

4  Considerations When Deciding on Your Blog Persona

By  Jan Ashby

What do you want to be known as? This is what you should consider, before carving out your blog persona.  What are some of your best traits?  It could be your sense of humor, your story-telling ability, your “geekiness”, or your good nature.  Are you self-effacing, sarcastic, loyal to a fault?  You get the idea.

Ponder at length what characteristics are your STRONG points.  Then you will be able to create an outline of your blog persona  blog-persona (a.k.a.  Superhero) 

Draw from Comic Books: Get Those Thoughts Moving!

Once you have made a list of your finest features (reliable, smart, inspiring, funny) you can look through comic books for inspiration and ideas.  Keep in mind you can hire someone at Fiver to do some graphics (drawings) for you – you’ll NEED to be able to give the artist an idea of WHAT you want though.  That’s why I’m mentioning this guide  to help you (as well as the comic bks).  😎

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Social Media for Beginners: 6 Action Items for Your Team

Social Media for Beginners:  Involve Your Team

6 Social Media Tips for Beginners

By Jan Ashby 

It’s practical, common sense to get your people involved prior to an upcoming training. You can create a Facebook group and invite participants to become involved ahead of time. You can gain feedback as to what people would want included in the training, and also members of the group can get acquainted with one another. Or you might want to hold a Tweetchat and involve participants in a discussion.     attend-a-Twitter-chat


The sky’s the limit, when it comes to social media. Anything you can do to spark discussion is worthwhile – you could do a survey before the official training event, to discover what the trainees would most like to have covered. If it’s LinkedIn, you could have the participants perform a task within LinkedIn prior to your training; have them get connected with ten new people, or add new skills to their profile.

It will be useful to find out the strengths of your team; then you can determine where, and how, their assets can best be utilized. Why not have each team member fill out a survey or form, to list down talents and abilities?

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How Related Keywords Can Help Your Business Blog

Home Business Helps: Use of Related Keywords Will Help Your Home Biz Blog

– By Jan Ashby

Web Marketing with Related Keywords

An understanding of related keywords is important for your websites.  Here is what “related keywords” does for you:

  1. Encourage a lower bounce rate
  2. Provides Google what it wants
  3. Gives cohesive quality to your site
  4. Ties the content together
  5. Provides value to the blog visitor

Speaking directly to #2, which is giving Google what it wants, this can result in better rankings for your various blog pages. You see, google likes it when your material has a “cohesiveness”  to it.  When the content makes sense to your visitor, Google is HAPPY and your reader is happyso WHY not work on improving it?  😉

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