The Life of Jan Ashby

I am a 54 year old writer living in North Dakota.  Besides writing, I love to draw and paint.  An avid tennis player, I scored a few small trophies when I was younger.  One of the most rewarding periods of my life was spent as a teacher.  I taught kids how to drive in California – brave, huh?  Actually, I really like teaching and building websites.  I like instructing on Beginners WordPress.


Jan Ashby  Beginners WordPress                              

I have a family-based website, Healthy Kids Info, that I am pretty proud of.  I was first attracted to the internet 5 years ago, and I decided I would like internet marketing.  It is fun learning all these new technical things – I really like the keyword research.

I imagine this is because English and writing were subjects I excelled at in school.  Some of keyword research has to do with having a firm grasp of vocabulary, and the meaning of words.  When you drill down in search of little gems, you need to be able to discern certain things – such as the exact meaning of a phrase so that you’ll know whether or not it is a good fit for your niche content.

The Life of Jan Ashby- Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been my main area of interest.  Yet I only recommend the products which are high value, high quality.

As I learn more about seo and building sites, I look forward to sharing this information with you. It is so rewarding to share new discoveries. To this end, I have a newsletter.  Just enter your name and a good email address in the Opt-in form on the right.  I am available by Skype, as well.  Do a search for Jan Ashby; I am the one in North Dakota.

P.S. I’m also a big animal lover.  Currently I have one dog – Koko       

P.P.S.  Currently I am building my list – if you’d like to see more on LIST Building, visit my Tips Newsletter & sign up ! Or see The Digital Marketers views on list building (Ryan Deiss advice)

And if you’d like to communicate, you can find  :-) jan ashby  in Skype – just look for the North Dakota location on Jan Ashby, and then send me an invitation.   And remember that beginners are welcome – this is WHY I mentioned Beginners WordPress  above.

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Jan Ashby

Learn by Helping. Help by Learning.

Give of Yourself & Find Fulfillment !


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