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How To Rank High on Google

jan ashby

Hi – I am Jan Ashby.  As a founding member of the Sakura Project, I understand how to rank high on google.  These days, it is imperative that you use video marketing and this is a big part of our flagship product, How to Be First on Google.

We are an organization which likes to help beginners to wordpress:

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In the spirit of helping beginners find their way around wordpress (and building blogs), we have developed this course to help you learn wordpress basics – and I provide additional lessons (via video and articles at my blog) to help you get grounded.  To get the series on “Creating a WordPress Website: Step by Step”, just go to this Beginners WordPress Page and sign up for the mini e-course, delivered by Aweber.

More important things to know about – are Basic Keyword Research and Importance of Related Keywords.  THere is some good free training at John Jarvis Youtube channel

(Videos, for example on “Doing a Keyword Wash“)

As a WordPress beginner, here are some essential & worthwhile things for you to learn:

  • how to organize a blog post
  • how to set up your theme & plugins
  • how to set up a website (Step by Step)
  • how to add video to your website
  • how to add widgets to your sidebar
  • designing your Home page
  • how to make a Facebook Fan Page
  • how to get your fan page i.d.
  • how to create a group on Facebook
  • how to create Power Point presentations
  • adding audio & graphics to the presentation

Video SEO:  Where You Can Get a PDF

A warrior (Warrior Faraaz) from the famed Warrior Forum has some sound advice on “video seo” – how to craft your titles & descriptions, tips on using keywords inside of Youtube, and what to do to promote, etc.  Want to check it?  Visit… >> THIS LINK <<

You’ll be able to learn some good on-page SEO advice here.

Thanks for your readership.

Jan Ashby
Wordpress for Beginners


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