Beginners WordPress: Use of Video to Land on the First Page of Google

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WordPress for Beginners – Using Video on Your Blog to Get on the First Page of Google

By Jan Ashby

Step 1 – Do a lot keyword research before you begin. Learn completely the ins and outs of how to use “related keywords”, which means keyword phrases that Google sees as very similar to the main one that you’re trying to rank highly for.

Step 2. Do 1 quality video for a “sales page”, then 3 short videos that are related to the main one. Do a post and put a video on your website. If you have more than one website, post this at your main website and have a strong “call to action” to get someone to subscribe to your list, or to make a sale. Now do 3 more videos that again, are keyword related in the eyes of Google.

Step 3. Upload the main video first to YouTube and then copy and paste the HTML coding onto your main video post (as I did here – see my video below?)  that you are trying to get people to. If you can organize your video’s description a certain way, this certainly will attract the search engine spiders and keep them coming back for more.   

Step 4. Do the same with the other 4. Then take them and upload them to Daily Motion, Vimeo and Viddler websites. There are many video sites to add your video to, but really you want to stick to the more powerful video sites.

Step 5.  Next, I continue adding at least 1 video daily and do the same as above with the description.  Additionally, I employ the use of TribePro (and Onlywire)  for syndicating my content and spreading my message through social bookmarking.



Who am I to advise you?  I am Jan Ashby  Jan Ashby   an internet marketer with seo experience .

You will see fantastic results when you use all the methods above; you will know how to get on the first page of Google. Note the way I organize my video descriptions at YouTube; on-page optimization of your Youtube videos is essential and very powerful, and you can learn it.


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