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WordPress for Beginners –  Ranking High on Google:  The New Rules

By  Jan Ashby

I have news for you – the game has changed.  Which game, you say .. why, the Google dance, of course.   There are some things you need to take care to do, one of which is writing more naturally.  Then of course, there’s Anchor Text linking –  which is JUST as it sounds.  It is backlinking to your main website, with certain anchor text.

These days it’s important (and worthwhile) to VARY your anchor text words;  you simply don’t want to be linking with the same old keyword phrase over and over.  Additionally, nowatimes you have to be wiser with respect to WHOM (which blogs or sites) you choose to write guest posts for, and also with blog commenting (both are ways to gain a link for your site).


Blog Commenting:  Choose Wisely

When I am a blog commenter, I nearly always take the time to check OUT the blog ahead of time.  You can do this too, at Alexa.  Or if you own the right tool (like Market Samurai or “Traffic Travis”), you can look into the background of a particular blog you’re considering being a

blog commenter

for, and go from there.  Make notes along the way.
Jan Ashby VideosYou will be able to check page rank and the age of the site with Traffic Travis (and with Market Samurai).  And you can see how many links it has, plus whether the keyword is in the Title, the Description, or in “h1” tags.  You can also see if the blog (or site) is listed in DMOZ, a highly respected directory.  With Traffic Travis, you may also ascertain how many .EDU or .Gov  links the site has.

This is useful in determining how COMPETITIVE another website is.  You can choose more wisely which niches to go into, when you are armed with this important information.  

Generally, when a site or blog has achieved PR (page rank) of 4 and above, it is a respected site and is considered “competitive”.  So for example –  let’s say you are using the FREE version of Traffic Travis ..

and you’ve input the keyword phrase “blog commenter” –  WHAT do we observe?


Well, right off the bat, I see that some of the listings have Page Rank of zero .  This indicates some weakness – and naturally we prefer easier competition.  Of course, there are other things to analyze here; you will want to examine the age of the domains in the Top 10.  If a website or blog is 10 years of age, then Google may rank it HIGH.

**Note:  CLICK this Link  in order to see a clearer picture

Another stat to analyze is whether the domains listed in the top 10 are “top level domains” or not.  It’s an  advantage to own a top level domain.  So what do we SEE in the picture above?  Well, the sites in Position 2, 4, and  5  are “top-level” domains, and the rest are not.  So with only 3 of the 10 having this advantage, it may LEAVE room for entry.

Thus far, we have considered domain age, page rank, and how many are top level domains.  Next, we want to examine how many have their keyword in the Title, Description, and H1 tags.  And finally, check out how many BACKLINKS each listed site has.   “BL” = Backlinks  (in the Chart above)

 >>  When we check the total backlinks in our example blog commenter, we see some promise <<

There are gaps (openings) in the number of  TOTAL Backlinks (Look at Position 1, 4, & 9 –  these have  less than 50 links ) – this is good.


Now, I should mention to you that TRAFFIC TRAVIS has some good tutorials; also you should buy a few educational books at Amazon, to get a good “Blogging training“.  And I will be presenting FREE INTERNET MARKETING training myself – here at this blog.  I am

Jan Ashby

by the way. And John Jarvis is my mentor – and a very good one.

Tip:   Strive to USE Relevant Alternate Text in Your Images – Learn about Alt-Tag SEO and alternate text    


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