How Can Positive Self Talk Help You to Invoke Change

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Overcome Your Fear with Positive Thinking and Positive Self Talk

By  Jan Ashby
Too often people are being held back by their fears; they fail to achieve success because of “self-sabotage” – basically, they have a fear of success – and may not even know it.

When you have self doubt, it lowers your confidence level, and sense of self worth. Being afraid of failure is the most common fear we humans have.

Yet if you can realize what is causing your fear, you can employ certain techniques.
You can use

“positive self-talk”           Positive Self Talk

to get yourself on track again

FEAR:  A Hugely Powerful Emotion

Fear is a negative, and powerful emotion, which can overwhelm both body and mind, causing us to let ourselves get down.  There is a physiological reaction within the body, in addition to the emotions you feel. This can affect those around you, as well.  You need to find a way to

overcome fear, and maintain focus on the positive in life.

You should not allow fear to take control .  Positive self-talk can help you achieve anything you want to do. Some people are afraid to climb a mountain. In order for you to overcome this fear of going up the mountain, simply inform yourself you can do it. Make positive affirmations (out loud, or silently), and then climb up the hill.

Face your fear, and force yourself to go climb that mountain. You want to overcome your fear systematically; self-talk your way through each step. This will help you to accomplish your goal – and conquer the fear.

Tell yourself that you are in control of your life and fear is not going to get in the way. Once you do, you will gain greater self-confidence and self-esteem, simply because you told yourself you could do it and you did.

Self-confidence and esteem will help you to overcome other fears, as time passes. Once you surmount one fear, the next one tends to be easier because you did it before and now you certainly can do it again – all in order to get wherever you want to be in Life.

Employing Positive Self-Talk

Use positive thinking and self-talk to learn the techniques of reprogramming your mind to think more positively. Do not let your conscious and subconscious tell you that something cannot be done. If you think positive instead of the negative things, you will soon learn that you can do anything you want and succeed by being positive.

Challenge your fears and work your way through the process by being positive. Do not run from your fears of success. Make a choice that you can and will become the master at overcoming your fear of success, or a certain fear.

Positive Self Talk

In order to become the person you want to be in the future, you need to be positive  Think Positive  and put behind you the fact that you failed once before (because of negative thinking). Gaining self-control and control over the thinking process will reprogram your mind, and soon you will be positive thinking and will not even realize it.

Tell yourself that you will take control to unburden your mind and body. You take all the good and bad things in life with positive thinking. Use positive thinking and positive self-talk to stay in control. Tell yourself, “I am in charge, and I know that with confidence and self-esteem, I ‘ll be ABLE to accomplish anything.”

Definitely, we need to be positive in today’s world, in order to cope with the fears of everyday life. Everyday challenges arise, and in order to be prepared to cope with these stressors, we need to be thinking positive thoughts, so our fears will not populate and overwhelm us.

We humans learn from our mistakes (most of us), and so please realize that by being positive, we can overcome many things. Indeed, we can learn from our mistakes and prevent them from happening all over again. Mistakes can make us into a better, more evolved person, and help us in our future endeavors.

Positive SELF Talk: Using Positive Affirmations for Enhancing Self-Esteem


All Experiences Have Positive Aspects

If you can be strong and positive, and use positive affirmations, it will be a natural outcome that your self-esteem will grow  😛 and you’ll become the person you desire.

Direct yourself to take control to disencumber your mind and body. Lighten up. And learn to be someone who takes life as it comes – take the good with the bad, and learn how to “spin it” to make it into a positive experience.

A negative experience can have positive parts to it – because of what you learn from it, it does have certain POSITIVE aspects to it. Once you discover what those are, use them in Positive affirmations in your daily life.

Keep a diary. Record an experience and what you learned from it; accept these nuggets of wisdom you get and move forward.

Through self development, you will be a happier you – a better you, and eventually a better leader to others. You will locate an inner strength, and gain much satisfaction by helping others be more positive in life.

And remember to use positive self-talk.  Reprogram your brain to think more positively, by using affirmations (positive affirmations) and by being your own best fan – you’ll be glad you did !

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