How Do You Project a More Positive Self-Image ?

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A More Positive Self-Image: Positive Self-Talk

By  Jan Ashby

How can a person decide to use positive self-talk, in order to
shape his or her personality for the better? What if I already
have a good personality – then what?

Positive Self-Talk
Well, here’s the scenario – people who are self-confident and
like themselves already do not need a lot of “tweaking” to their
persona.  Rather, it is the ones who are shy or introverted that
might benefit from doing some work on themselves.

Those who are comfortable in their own skins generally do not
need much help in this area. But if you are a person who is not
naturally charismatic or outgoing, then you may need a bit of

What can you do to create a healthier,  more

  positive self-image?

There are things you can do – I know this from experience. For
example, public speaking can help with this – specifically,
Toastmasters can give you some practice with making speeches,
and bringing your “humorous” side to the surface.


Developing a Positive Self-Image

How you see yourself is important. If you are a negative person
at times, then this will be reflected back to you by others, and
it will be a self-perpetuating cycle.

Positive Self-Talk Brings Positive Self Image

Here is one thing you can do, in order to project yourself more positively – use positive self-talk, or employ positive affirmations daily to slowly carve out a better self-image.

Be willing to let go of hurts from the past, whether from your
childhood or more recent hurts.  If you don’t, they can have
a tendency to re-surface at odd moments.

You know what I mean – if you are angry at a parent or friend,
and hold onto this anger, then you are not being forgiving.
And forgiving is the way you move on.

So try to LIMIT feeling rage or anger on a daily basis simply don’t go

there – you will soon have a nicer, more positive outlook and self-image

Develop patience – as Isaac Newton said, If  I have ever made any valuable

discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention than to any other talent.


Using Volunteer Work to Enhance Your Self-Image

Positive Self-Image

Think this doesn’t work?  Just try it.  You’ll feel much better

about yourself by helping others.   I know when I visited the

veterans in hospitals at Christmastime  it moved me.  And I saw

the smiles on some of the veterans’ faces – when I noticed these

smiles, I knew I’d made a difference.  And this really FELT good.
And this all feeds into a better, more positive self-image.

How About Doing Positive Self-Talk?

I have made an article on  positive self-talk .  It speaks of positive

interaction with others, and use of positive thinking and holding


I do meditation in conjunction with my positive affirmations, and

have good results with it.  Indeed, when you routinely do these

positive affirmations for yourself, you’ll come to feel worthy of

experiencing happiness !

People who can enjoy the benefits of positive self-talk & daily

affirmations will still their inner voiceyou know, that nasty,

negative voice that will try to influence you..

Everyone has one, yet as you become a more positive person

you’ll become more adept at handling life’s challenges, and

will grow and develop even more.


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