John Maxwell Leadership: Ways to Be a More Confident and Competent Leader

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John Maxwell Leadership Ideas:  Be a More Competent Leader who Can Motivate Others

by  Jan Ashby


Do you want to be a good leader that everyone wants to follow and be like? Would the power of being a leader actually go to your head and you begin to be an old grouch?     

John Maxwell has looked into the traits of being a leader. He has spoken to people who are willing to follow one certain leader, while not liking the other leader who tries to be more important than they actually are.  (I have a good post listing some social skill activities you can do to become more confident and competent as a leader)

Anyone can throw their weight around to order people to do jobs that they wouldn’t even do themselves. John Maxwell has come up with a list of twenty one characteristics that will help anyone become a better leader of people, and as a result, they will have people lining up to follow their orders. He has researched each trait that makes a person shine as a leader of people.

John Maxwell John Maxwell is a well-known Christian author, speaker, and pastor. He willingly shares his insight on what makes a person into a truly caring leader – one who cares for his followers. Mr. Maxwell wants to give anyone who has the pleasure of reading his website (or books) an insight as to how to treat people respectfully and with due care – like the Heavenly Father Above, or the golden rule tells us.

(in particular, the pastor talks of being a good listener – an empathetic listener who doesn’t interrupt, and follows certain guidelines).

John MaxwellJohn Maxwell has written many books on the topic of the Heavenly Father, and how to be a better leader. These books shows that the golden rule is still in effect. The golden rule which is “treat other people like you would want them to treat you”. Treat people with respect and trust – that is, show your followers that you have faith in them, and indicate that you know they will do a good job with whatever you ask them to do.

John Maxwell has added more accomplishments to his long list of feats. John Maxwell Leadership Mr. Maxwell now shows people how to properly teach, and motivate, others to become a better leader of people. How to speak to others with respect and trust which will show them that as their boss, you have complete confidence in them to do an excellent job . Additionally, by developing a rapport in this manner, trust builds and employees feel comfortable enough to seek out the boss for input. This is clearly a step in the right direction.

Finally, treating people as I would want them to treat me is a step toward following the golden rule of God’s Word.

As you complete his course on leadership, John Maxwell shows you that there are many worthwhile social skills lessons and activities that as a leader, you can employ. Once you have gone through some courses and social skill activities (such as workshops and Toastmasters for public speaking), you will start to see that you need to do some work on yourself, to be a successful internet marketer – one who will be confident, and well prepared to help others succeed and achieve their dream of working from home.


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