Life Skills for Adults: Morning Routine is Important

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Life Skills Lessons:  Have a Good Flow to Your Day

   By Jan Ashby 

 You may think, “what’s the difference” – why can’t I simply go through a day the regular way?  Well, you could but you may not be as productive.  Also, you may not be as relaxed and at ease while you are performing your work.  Food for thought: ask yourself, “what life skills can I develop to have a better a.m. routine, and have a sense of CALM throughout my day?”


Here’s some ideas

  1. Write in my journal
  2. Have a good breakfast
  3. Do Mantra Meditation                                        Mantra Meditation
  4. Listen to chakra music
  5. Take a soothing mineral bath  
  6. Speak on the phone to a friend
  7. Do yoga and stretch
  8. List down what you’re grateful for
  9. Do Guided Meditations
  10. Use Guided  Imagery

POSITIVE IDEAS: Develop a Good Morning Routine

It’s so worthwhile to begin your day right.  You can try out different routines, culling from the above, until you come up with a formula or meditation which suits you.  It may be that the thing which relaxes you is exercising (a round of tennis, anyone?), or painting a picture.  Incorporate at will.  

I do suggest you keep a journal while you explore the possibilities – so you can look back on your EVENING notes (i.e., what you wrote in your journal during p.m. hours) and SEE which routine resulted in a relaxed state of mind.   😎

I just want to give you some ideas here. For myself, drawing and meditating are extremely relaxing.  Another thing that relaxes me, oh so well during the holidays is SINGING.  And also, doing little favors for other people. Obviously, that can warm the cockles of your heart  Life Skills for Adults: Life SKills Lessons


What, You Say You’re Not a Morning Person – Yet You CAN Change

Perhaps you have a HARD time getting up.  Maybe you feel as though you aren’t a morning person – ok, so maybe you developed some unwise habits when you were in college (staying up TOO late studying, etc.) or perhaps you were influenced by your family or a parent who was often grumpy in the morning.   So .. it does NOT mean you cannot change.

If you want to run a home business, you do want to have reasonable hours – so you can get a lot done, and be available for people (customer service).

Alright, so .. I don’t want to be too hard on you – but did you consider doing something RADICAL to try and “supercharge” your environment (in a good way) – such as doing some things to make yourself more comfortable during the day, which can be as simple as getting a new chair (the really expensive kind of ergonomic chair) – or merely finding a COZY location (in your home) to curl up & study a good book.  You know, someplace “away from the noise” and usual chatter (assuming you have a boisterous family).

Things like FENG SHUI, to get your home or apartment some GOOD energy flow ?!!    Furniture and FENG SHUI

Actually, the deep breathing exercises (count to 5 as you exhale, etcetera)  you perform during meditations are at least as important as WHERE you sit – but you can HAVE BOTH !  Yea !


Essential Oils: Which Ones are Useful for Calm Energy?

essential oils    JAN ASHBY with “Use of Essential Oils”

There are certain ESSENTIAL OILS I use for “Calm Energy” ..  I am not advocating that you make use of essential oils – but only ADVISING you, if you have some interest.  Clary Sage and Lavender are both touted to have a CALMING influence. Essential oils can help to balance your energy field – did you know that Shakespeare grew lavender in his garden, and commented on it in his writings?  (he even provided a recipe in Winter’s Tale).

As far as a recommendation, if you have restless nights or some degree of insomnia – you might try Chamomile tea  for days that are very active, or stressful  and incorporate some type of lavender (lavender on your pillow, lavender aromatherapy etc.).

>> Note:  Here is a PEACE and CALMING essential oil blend <<

Remember – always do your due diligence, and strive for QUALITY  in essential oils 


Make Sure Your Sleep Environment is Conducive to Relaxation

There are other things to consider, to round out your schedule – and have a CONTINUOUS GOOD FLOW – going to bed EARLIER, and using soothing music, or a sound machine to aid you in falling off to sleep earlier.  Also, consider that you could eliminate that EXTRA cup of coffee    Life SKills Lessons - Develop a Good Morning Schedule

Here are some more things:

  1. Do not exercise close to bedtime
  2. Limit alcohol intake
  3. No computer b4 bedtime
  4. No exhilarating music
  5. No  loud t.v.
  6. Relaxing bath (better than shower)
  7. Mantra meditation
  8. Use a sound machine
  9. Use Lavender shampoo                 Use of Essential Oils - Lavender      


There you have it.  Hope this helps.  For more


information, visit  LIFE SKILLS LESSONS

 Tip:  Make small changes to your routine initially – see how it feels and go from there




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