Positive Self-Talk Leads to a Better You

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Positive Learning and Positive Self-Talk


It is so essential to have lives that are well-rounded – to laugh, and stay healthy.  To take time out to exercise, and spend quality time with your loved ones.  To have good mental health.

POSITIVE THINKING: Positive Self-Image

Personal Mental Health is an important part of our outlook on life. When we think negative thoughts, our mental health (self-esteem and confidence Level) will decrease.  With   positive thinking and self-talk we can build up our mental health status; we can enhance our self-image, and make our self confidence grow.


Negative Thoughts

Thinking negative thoughts certainly will do more harm than good; and that’s a fact. When we think negative all the time we become depressed, disinterested, even lose weight; and you know how deadly that can be, when carried to an extreme.

Don’t lose control, and let the negative things take over your life. Take control and put your personal mental health first; stay healthy with positive thinking and positive beliefs about yourself.  Choice Theory is a book which explains the importance of positive beliefs.  And there are others, such as “The Daily Book of Positive Quotations“.   And there is a good CD, 100  Positive Affirmations to Overcome Anxiety .

Positive Interaction with Others

Here’s an idea; you can help another person when you notice someone in need.  In fact, sometimes you will even learn some things in the process. I know when I’ve done volunteer work, I’ve discovered some new things. You’d be surprised. It can actually change your outlook.

This really helps in your view on life; for instance, when I saw how rough some of the 2011 flood victims in No. Dakota   had it, I knew I had to help somehow.

Why does this matter? Because it does your heart good, realizing that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life.

Positivity:   Positive Beliefs, Positive Attitude

In terms of my own personal experience, I was lucky enough to get a chance to live in North Dakota. Many of the people here, I found, were very positive people, and very friendly.  It is the land of Norwegians – at least where I’m living in the western part of the state.

Anyhow, if you can somehow surround yourself with people who have

positive beliefs

then you have a leg up.  You will soon be smiling.   🙂 Add to this mix some of the following:


Positive Improvements

Positive Improvements in Your Life

When you catch yourself frowning about something, relax.  Let go of that frown , and think of a pleasant memory which will make you smile – or at least not frown. And when you are on the phone with a team member, co-worker or friend, try to smile. The other person can generally tell that you’re smiling – or at least sense that you are cheerful. Also: find time to relax everyday, through meditation or yoga, or even just going for a walk.


Exercise and Mental Health

Exercise is a good thing to do for your mental health; it relieves stress after a long day.  Studies have shown that exercise and mental health are definitely interrelated.  So make some time for yourself to work out, maybe visit with others in an exercise group, or you might  invite a friend to go on a walk. Or a hike. This type of activity is positive, and will likely cause your thoughts to be more positive after you’ve exercised or had a good, strong workout.

Result:  You’ll ultimately build up your self-esteem and confidence.  You will have increased endorphins, which will lead to a better frame of mind.  Maybe even  Positive Self-Talk  use positive self-talk as a part of your exercise regimen (that is,if you’re working out at home – LOL)


Writing assists your mental health by opening up the “right side” of your brain; you thereby start to see things from another viewpoint as you are not using the left side of your brain – which is the “logical” side. This whole process (creative writing) gives you a chance to blow off some steam, and relax a bit. You can even poke fun at someone you don’t like (co-worker perhaps?) – just create a character for them, and write them into a funny scene. Later it is fun to go back to your journal or diary, and see what you wrote about.

And if you used your relaxed, creative writing style to form ideas, or solve a problem, even better. You can refer back to these ideas later in the week.

Another thing  to have a journal for is Positive Affirmations about oneself. Write about something good you’ve accomplished in the last week (or month), or something especially amazing you did that you’re “pleased as punch” over.

As you detail this, tell yourself how well you did it.  Think about how it was handled, or what the inspiration for it was. When you go back to read about past achievements, it will be a positive reinforcement.


Allow Your Confidence to Shine in the Future

Begin to build towards a better, stronger future – thinking positive thoughts will become second nature to you now. Let your self-confidence shine in public; let it come out in the open.

Your co-workers, or team members, will now enjoy working with you when you smile all the time and let your new-found confidence bubble over.  People don’t like to work around somebody who is down, after all. They’ll prefer the new you.

Invitations to Lunch

Build a Team

Now that you’ll be happier, you’ll naturally make some new friends and you’ll be asked to lunch, or to go shopping  at lunchtime.  Let your happiness spill over; and continue to exhibit positive beliefs.  Don’t be shy – let it flow.

Now, you will have more energy to exercise, and you’ll find yourself looking forward to bouncing out of bed each day. Life will indeed seem more worth living. Little things that used to bother you, probably won’t too much anymore.

Just think, positive thinking was the beginning of all this. You now have a new life.  You may want to keep a log, or diary, of positive experiences (or affirmations you make) so that it gets re-enforced for you.

And a new support system. Refer to Choice Theory, when you need a “brush-up” on positive affirmations, or their importance. Never think that you are alone. There are online support groups, or groups in your community to help you out.

Final Tip

Don’t expect that others will necessarily recognize the changes in you right away. It can take time to change your thinking habits, and become a “better you”.  Be sure and be patient with yourself; allow things to unfold just as they should, and you will see that positive improvement can result from Positive Self-Talk and positive affirmations.


By  Jan  Ashby
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