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WHAT is The Sakura Project – It’s Search Engine Domination

By Jan Ashby

The Sakura Project is here to HELP you – it may be hard to believe, but we are not just after your hard-earned money. We are teachers, like at a school. In Fact, we have an online school called PDIMIwhat is PDIMI? Well, it stands for Personal Development and Internet Marketing Institute.

It teaches both personal development and internet marketing. This is because we want you to join our team, and get prepared to be a teacher yourself – so you can BUILD your team, or your downline. With PDIMI, it does not matter whether you’re into MLM or Internet Marketing – because PDIMI handles both. You HAVE a choice.


PDIMI and The Sakura Project:  What Kinds of Things Will You Learn?

There are many things – you will learn about Keyword Research, how to install WordPress and which wordpress plugins to use, how to organize a blog post; you will learn how to use video on your blog, video SEO, marketing with Youtube, how to create a Facebook group and fan page (as well as getting the shortened url), how to create a Power Point presentation, how to use Social Media (Twitter Marketing course is available to you), marketing with classified ads, safelists, and article directories.

You will come to know the exact LAYOUT your wordpress blog should have, and you’ll be able to understand themes (and Settings in your Dashboard).  You’ll have an EXACT list of plugins to use – including a plugin that will give your wordpress blog a HIGH level of security.

At Sakura Project, we know what we’re doing – we do not want your blog to FALL Victim to hackers.



To FIND Out more about the Sakura Project .. you can DO  1 of 2 things –  Call me or Skype me (Add me to Skype first – you can add “jalynn9 ” to your contacts)

I am Jan Ashby, a founding member here at Sakura    Jan Ashby of Sakura Project





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