Self-Help Tests: Are You Happy or Would You Like Greater Self-Fulfillment?

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Attention:  If you are dissatisfied in your career and desire self-fulfillment,  this may be the most valuable post you’ll ever read..

Can You Find Self-Fulfillment ?  Do This Self-Test Today

The first thing to do is determine if you are content, or frustrated in your current line of work.  You can find this out via self-help tests contained in the book, “Finding Your Own North Star” by Martha Beck.  It was a great help to me, and it will be for you as well.  There are 2 sides to the self – social self, and essential self.  You need to understand about the social self, and how it tends to control things.  For most persons, by the time they’ve become adults, their “social self” has taken over.  Studying this book will help you get on the road to self-fulfillment .

So it may be that you need to get back in touch with the essential self (how you were as a child) in order to find happiness and self-fulfillment in your career, and in your life.  Okay, so  first you’ll pick up a copy of the book Finding Your Own North Star and begin with the very first test on Page 14.  Once you’ve completed the test, you’ll know whether or not you have to re-establish a connection with your Essential Self

Self Discovery and Self tests


If you have feelings of angst or despair, then you really may want to try these tests, and self-examinations within North Star.  It will lead you on a path of self-discovery, for sure.  To get MORE details about the Finding Your Own North Star journey, go to my post.  The post I am sending you to explains much more about the book, as well as the amazing

self journey


Jan Ashby    In essence, you will gain a greater understanding of yourself through the various self-help tests.  First, you uncover the disconnected self, and through readings come to a better understanding about your social self — and why social self is mostly in charge of your life, and how this can be a detriment at times.  Next, you will find out HOW your

essential self

says “No“, and you will do some more tests, and self-examination, in this second chapter.  You will do a bit of reconnecting with yourself, and thereby place yourself on the Path to locating what makes you happy (your North star).  Then, in the 3rd chapter, you go on to discover how the essential self says “yes“. 

It will FOCUS your attention onto positive memories, and you’ll also comprehend how the essential self CAN shut down the Social Self whenever it tries to steer you away from your North star, or true path.

You will read specific examples wherein the author (who is also a life design counselor), a Ph.D. graduate from Harvard, describes the plight of several people that were in severe distress, and unhappy with their lives.  Some she was able to help, and some she was not, because certain people could not overcome their “social self” fears and trepidations.

*Note:  Doing these exercises requires one to look back on experiences from your past, and some pain may be involved – however KNOW This –> the pain is a message, and if you FEEL pain this is an indicator that you are in the wrong life  and should probably make a change

so you can attain self-fulfillment

Finding Your North Star

In going through  this book, I discovered I was on the wrong path & soon decided my true path is helping others with WordPress and marketing on the internet, and to ultimately employ some of my artistic drawings as well.  You can do the same thing – find your TRUE path, that is. 

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Once you understand yourself better & find your true path, you can achieve greater self-fulfillment !      –  Jan Ashby




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