Social Skill Activities and Social Skills Games: Ways to Improved Leadership and Improved Communication

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Social Skill Activities, Social Skills Games, and Social Skills Ideas:  Enhance Your Team’s Camaraderie and Skill Level


This article is about “social skill activities”.  So what am I going to tell you about?  Basically, the following:

  • fun team building activities
  • social skills games
  • social skills ideas
  • free social skills activities
  • social skills lessons and activities                                             Team Leaders and Fun Team Building Activities


As a team leader, there are certain things you can do to encourage better communication and greater involvement – for example, there are SOCIAL SKILLS GAMES you can use to both lift spirits and enable improved communication.

I found a great one at Amazon called The Big Book of Team Motivating Games.  What’s nice about this instructional is that it serves as a communication tool + problem solver 😛 –  and its exercises are quick (this keeps players from getting bored !) 

And if you’re looking for a sort of game that can HELP with Conflict Resolution, you might look at The Solutions Focus (One reviewer said: “it makes so much sense to identify, and then DO what works“). You can find it @ Amazon.

CONFLICT Resolution Games:  Tales of Conflict

Then too, there is an awe-inspiring book called “Improvisational Negotiation: A Mediator’s Stories of Conflict About Love, Money, Anger & the Strategies That Resolved Them“. It not only has wonderful stories you’ll enjoy, but it gets to the HEART of mediation – how to deal constructively with the people involved, and their emotions (whether it’s families, corporations, or organizations).

The stories are well-crafted and inspiring; they are highly instructive stories about people in conflict, showing HOW the mediator helps them to reach a successful resolution. No wonder the book is rated five stars at Amazon

There is also a text that is AIMED at virtual workers – it is specifically for those who are online.


What’s the best part about “The Big Book of Virtual Team Building Games” ?  Team Leaders and Fun Team Building Activities  ANSWER:  It has quite a good number of communication and collaboration activities, and they are concise and QUICK – so no time is lost.  Also, the games can be adapted to pretty much any tech device… the focus is on the concept & how-to… specific technologies are downplayed.

There is actually a Facebook Community  facebook community based on this book – so if you’d like to investigate further, head to this Facebook page .


Free Social Skills Activities to Enhance Your Relationships with Business Partners

Today I am going to talk to you about social skills activities; I am going to give you some ideas on

social skills curriculum

and life skills training  that will help you be more confident and connect better with your downline;  be more at ease when conducting webinars, or consulting with others.


Some of these social skills ideas will be

free social skills activities

and some will have a nominal fee. Toastmasters, for example, is just $45 for six months – yet the value you receive from speaking in front of an audience will be of huge benefit to you.

Social Skill Activities - Develop Social Skills

You can reduce your social anxiety, over time. You can become more confident. You must attend Toastmasters meetings regularly however, and not skip out.”

“Free Social Skills Activities Can Enhance Your Relationships with Business Partners”


Life Skills Lessons: Is it Easy to Learn to Be an Internet Marketer?

In being an internet marketer, you have to wear a bunch of different hats. Say you’re rather SHY about hosting a webinar – yet you need to do it, to get the word out to more people. One idea is to arrange to do a webinar with just your mentor (upline) present.

He can make notes about where you paused, or got stuck on something – then, go through the role-playing process again. There will be fewer mistakes.

By viewing these situations as chances to grow – real opportunities 😉   – you are putting a positive spin on something that scares you.  You’ll be able to “dip your toe in the water” if you have a positive outlook (i.e., by doing the meeting/webinar in front of your mentor, you’re getting some initial practice with public speaking).

You can also attend Toastmasters meetings, and this will further reduce your discomfort. By taking part in this kind of social skills activities, you begin to put your natural fears to rest.


What Social Skill Activities Can Foster Better Communication with Your Team?

Some of these social skills activities  cost money (such as Toastmasters, or working with a mentor).  If you’d like to consider some free social skills activities, you can set up a party with some friends and choose a game that involves role-playing, or some sort of public speaking; this will be among friends, and should be a good place to begin (think Charades or other games that involve speaking, and loosening up – such as “Truth or Dare”).

Additionally, you can participate in some social skills games (or conflict resolution games) with other members of your team (online Skype groups, or in webrooms). You may wish to restrict it to leaders of the team in the beginning – until you can identify what will work best for your group.


Fun Team Building Activities

I discovered a book which encourages communication and breaks down barriers – it challenges team members to transform & become BETTER in some way (i.e., develop a certain skill, or work to the benefit of the team by improving in some area of expertise).  Its name is Big Book of Virtual Team Building Games: Quick Activities to Build Trust, Collaboration and Communication.

There is a facebook page related to this.  You could get an idea of what to expect:  Facebook Page on Virtual Team Building Games


Free Social Skills Activities – Using Volunteer Work

By the same token, you can get creative and find other ways to practice public speaking for free. If you need some practice in dealing with people, and directing them to do something (or consulting with them) – you can get good practice by doing a responsible job that you don’t happen to get paid for. That’s 1 of the advantages of volunteering; you can do some public speaking (and “rules setting” and delegating to others) without fear of being laid off, or fired.

Social Skills Games

Social Skills Games Book  Did you know there are conflict resolution games, as well as communication games?  There is the “Big Book” series at Amazon, and a few other good books:

the Big Book of Team Motivating Games, The Solutions Focus, & the Big Book of Low-Cost Training Games (Excellent for Building Character)

With these books, one can explore Communication, Goal Setting, Team Building  and Character Development

**Quick Team Building Activities for Busy Managers: 50 Exercises That Get Results – You can get the KINDLE version of this book for cheap – just about $4, and it is rated 4 1/2 stars.

This is an amazingly helpful book.  You can check reviews here ==> AMAZON



Social Skills Curriculum


There are workshops for conflict resolutionIn the Conflict Resolution workshop, participants will learn crucial conflict management skills, including dealing with anger and using the Agreement Frame. Dealing with conflict is a requirement for any organization, no matter what the size.

Did you know there are conflict resolution books and games?  Yes indeed -there’s a very good book called “8 Essential Steps to Conflict Resolution”, which basically tells you precisely what to do in order to resolve a conflict with a co-worker, friend or loved one.  You can pick it up at Amazon.  There’s also Conflict Resolution Games e-book, which comes in the Kindle edition .


Workshop link is at:  (Conflict Resolution)


Social Skills Ideas

As a leader of your team, you should be prepared to adapt your managerial style so you can help introverted people, as well as extroverted people.  You want to ask open-ended questions, and get to know the members of your team. Listen carefully to the answers, for you can glean much from listening empathetically to people.

And you can tell a lot from the sorts of hobbies and activities a person likes to engage in.

Once you’ve discovered a hobby or interest that this person has, ask him (or her) a question.

If you can, find common ground, and build on it.

Making friends involves acknowledging that each one of us has experiences, skills and knowledge which are unique to anyone else; by being open and receptive to this, you can learn from others’ knowledge and experience. No one person is an “island” – each of us can learn and grow – the best teachers realize they can learn as much from their students as their students learn from them .

John MaxwellJohn Maxwell has a great attitude about the qualities of a leader – he has a PDF resource denoting the 21 characteristics of a great leader.

You will want to inspire and motivate others, and show competence so that others will want to follow you.


Social Skill Activities: Final Thoughts

In the end, there are many worthwhile

social skills lessons and activities

you can employ.  Once you have gone through some of the courses, social skill activities, and social skills games you will see that you need to do some work on yourself, to be a successful internet marketer – one who will be confident and well prepared to help others succeed and achieve their dream of working from home.    





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