To Rank High on Google, What Must You Do?

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In Order to Rank High on Google, What Has to Happen?

Brief and to the point – so you want to rank high on Google.. well, there are some steps involved in that.  And you must learn WHAT the steps are – these are included in the video seo portion of our course, How to Be First on Google.    

That is a $27 Beginners WordPress course (intermediate level as well), which shows a new blogger exactly how to organize a blog post as well as how to do Basic Keyword Research, how to use video Video SEO and Video Marketing -  Using Video Properly to Rank HIGH on Google in a wordpress blog post and which plugins to use.  Also, how to activate a theme, and a bit about using Pro themes versus “free” themes.


WordPress Plugins Usage: What You Need to Know about

Knowing what wordpress plugins to employ is a very important thing to know – I would say that it is a top thing to LEARN because of things like security for your blog. There is a particular plugin to employ, for your blog to be fully protected.  This gets divulged in the “How to Be First on Google” course.

Other things you’ll LEARN how to do are:

  • Choosing a Theme
  • How to Install WordPress
  • How to Register a Domain Name
  • How to Get Hosting
  • Sidebar and Widgets
  • Organizing Your HOME Page
  • Facebook Training
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook FAN Page
  • Adding a video to your site from Youtube
  • Adding AUDIO to Power Point Presentations
  • Adding Background to Power Point Presentations
  • Adding Graphics to Power Point Presentations
  • How to add a video file from your desktop
  • A Critique of Your Website
  • Video SEO tips

As far as the website critique, this you can get at one of our weekly meetings.  Just ask – you know the old adage, “ask and ye shall receive”?  Well, it’s really true with our friendly little Sakura group.   *Note: You’ll get a follow-up site critique at the end of a month

Oh, and by the way, we also have plenty of free images for wordpress beginners to use (header graphics, buttons, BANNERS, backgrounds etc.) – and they’re pretty clear images – here’s an example:      SAKURA PROJECT IMAGE


How to Be First on Google Course: Rank HIGH on Google with Video Seo and Video Marketing



 To see the list of wordpress plugins we currently use

To see an example of Basic Keyword Research, visit the Beginners WordPress Page or Related Keyword Research page     JAN ASHBY



*Note:  There are good tutorials  on Advanced Keyword Research (Video Tutorial) – If you click this link, it’ll TAKE you to Youtube training with John Jarvis


By  Jan Ashby
WordPress for Beginners





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