Ways to Brand Yourself: Whether Branding a Product or Branding Yourself, Stick in Your Viewer’s Mind

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Unique Ways to Brand Yourself: Stick in Consumers’ Minds with These Methods

By  Jan Ashby


Today I’d like to introduce some ideas to you, in my series on WordPress for beginners.  This is just to get you started, in thinking of ways to brand yourself (or for branding a product, if you have your OWN product already).  😉

Branding a Product or Branding Yourself: 6 Ways to Be Unique or Special

FIVERR: Resource

One thing you can do is brainstorm a concept – for a LOGO, banner, or perhaps a 3D character – to represent your brand. There are some strong graphic artists over at Fiverr.com.
Another idea would be “taking a picture and turning it into animation gif” – once again, via Fiver. Simply type in ANIMATION GIF and you’ll see some people who can do it. ALways check each person’s ratings and feedback, to know if you can get a good result.


Thirdly, you might consider a 3D LOGO – having one designed (at Fiverr, Odesk, or other) and then you could use a plugin (on your wordpress blog) that causes the LOGO to move, or “shake” – as in Sore Thumb)

Branding Yourself with an Avatar

Fourthly, create an AVATAR to Brand yourself (or Your Business) – come up with something unique – perhaps a Superhero design (as I did above), or else something funny or endearing. Be sure to create your own (You can have this done at Fiverr, Odesk, etc. Just create something which will STAND OUT.
I have 2 more ideas for you. First, create a BANNER DESIGN with unique fonts. I did this at bannerfans.com (you can make some for FREE there). They’ve got a pretty good variety of fonts there. If you look around, you can get special packages on fonts via wso’s too .




Smart Brand Ideas for Your Business: Forum Signature Creation


The “Sig File”, or Forum Signature should be unique to you; really put some time into this one, and come up with a strong signature for forums. Mine is 2 lines; you generally don’t want this “catchy phrase” describing yourself, or your biz, to be longer. Again, you NEED for it to stick in viewers’ minds, and hopefully it is something relevant to your home business, or product.


Small Business Branding: For Your Consideration and Implementation

Small business branding

is a large component in your online success, and thus you ought to be prepared to spend a bit of time on the brainstorming process. Brainstorming fresh ideas in a group setting can be useful, and using Freemind (a mindmapping tool) can be helpful, as well.  If you are an individual and are going to be branding yourself, there are many good online tools that can help you. You may want to create a 3D cartoon character, in order to be more memorable (and have your name associated with this new image) or use your own skills in drawing to make a logo, or trademark image.


You can use Fireworks to assist you if you choose to do animation, or Gimp and Photoshop for drawing a logo or design (or Sumo Paint). I’ve tried Sumo Paint; it’s quite easy to maneuver in. In the next section, more ideas (involving images).


New Ideas: Use a Picasa Slideshow to Develop Your Product Brand


You can use your images and make a slideshow to  develop your product brand – HERE is a decent tutorial on Picasa slideshows

For a brief description of Google’s Picasa Album usage, visit this google page. The Google Picasa slideshow feature is said to be faster than Flickr-related slideshows (i.e., Slick’r Flickr slideshow plugin, e.g.).  I don’t know if that’s true, but I only use Google

Picasa slideshows

at my Blogger blogs.


Marketing and Branding: The Basics


Okay, a brand is the idea, or icon or image representation of a particular product or service which consumers can associate with something – either yourself (if you are branding yourself), or a product. Your special design should not only build brand; it should build up and maintain a good reputation. To read more on product brand and reputation:






Companies (or individuals) who are using web pages (with SEO techniques) have a few things to figure out, prior to building up brand. It is a wise idea to “sync” the domain name up with the brand. Then the client, or consumer, will more easily RELATE the image of a product to the company and therefore its brand .


This is known as Business branding, or product branding.


I hope you can see that

marketing and branding

can be employed to further enhance your company’s reputation; or, if you are BRANDING YOURSELF, marketing and branding can play an integral role in building up your reputation so that you can receive more business in the future.




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