What is a Blog used For? The Answer May Surprise You

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What is a Blog used For? WordPress for Beginners Introduction

by Jan Ashby

Many people who take to the internet often wonder, What is a Blog used For? The true reality is, blogs can be used for anything and everything, although they are usually created for a single set purpose. Blogs are usually separate parts of the website they are on, and they usually serve the purpose of communicating with the readers and community of the site.

The front-end website is usually a one-way dialog, which does not promote engagement nor discussion. The term ‘blog’ has always been associated with engagement, and getting the readers engaged enough to post a comment. With that said, here’s 9 tips in reply to “what a blog is used for

(The following is a partial republication of my BLOG Post,  What is a Blog Used for: 8 Significant Purposes )

blog writing


What is a Blog used For? Blog  Communication

Blogs are perfect for getting your message across to your audience. Unlike your front-end website, you’ll be able to type and communicate in any way you wish through a blog – whether that is through video blogging, or writing.  Whether you decide to use images, videos or both, you’ll be able to explain your message in depth – and drive it across to readers in a unique and appealing way.   😮


What is a Blog used For:  To Get Your Reader to Join your List

Your e-mail list is one of the most important marketing tools you have at your disposal. Through using a blog, you can give your readers a real reason to sign up.  At the end of this post, is an opportunity to join my list.  It is something you will be engaged in, if you choose to do marketing online.  It is imperative for you to OFFER Free Gifts  Build Your List with Free Gifts   – something of value.


What Else is a Blog used For? To Rank High on Google and Get Traffic

Blog’s are favored by Google and other search engines. This is because, as explained earlier, the primary purpose for a blog is engagement and two-way communication. Google loves to see engagement, and loves to see sites which promote communication.


What is a Blog used For? Blog Branding

Branding your blog can be difficult through just front-page website. By using a blog, you’ll be able to brand your business (a.k.a. SMALL BUSINESS BRANDING), brand yourself,  and  also brand your website in the way that you want.


What is a Blog used For:  Video Blogging

Chances are, if you post a video on the front page of your website about your daily life, your customers aren’t going to be too happy.  Video Blogging   Luckily, video blogging fits right into a website’s blog.


What is a Blog used For: To Provide Pertinent External Links

Linking out to other great content on the internet is a sure-fire way to meet new people, and gain valuable contacts.   External links are part of the “life blood” or your blog and its writings.  It is so very important to do this, and UNDERSTAND WHY you’re doing it – so read this authority on the subject:

SEOMOZ.org article  about External Links


What is a Blog used For: To Achieve a Loyal Following

This combines with the e-mail list marketing. It’s easy to achieve a loyal and dedicated following through a blog.


What is a Blog used For – Blogging Training

You can use your blog for specific trainings.

Blogging training

will need to be done, if you are building a team.    Just as I did here:



What More is a Blog used For? Monetization


All blogs can be monetized through Google Adsense or other advertising sources – provided that the content you write is high-quality. Some bloggers are able to achieve a full-time living through merely writing.

There you have it. I hope I have given you some ideas here. If you have a question, ask me – Jan Ashby   Jan Ashby Blogging Training     Skype me:  jalynn9


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