WordPress for Beginners: Creating Your First Blog

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WordPress for Beginners: Inside a WordPress Dashboard – Initial Steps Taken

This is a video by John Jarvis, creator of Sakura Project and an expert in WordPress. In this video, beginners to wordpress can get a glimpse into what initially gets addressed once the actual WordPress installation has been accomplished.


What you will see is a section on

how to use WordPress plugins

plus a bit about protecting your WordPress blog from spammers and hackers.

Also, some details on h1 tags, h2 tags and “headers”.  You will see how you can use an advanced editor plugin known as TinyMCE .  I will tell you that using TinyMCE advanced editor isn’t exactly easy (intuitive) in the beginning – but I think you’ll like it – once you get accustomed to using this great wordpress plugin.    😆




The WordPress Dashboard Cont’d: Explanation of User Roles

Here is a WordPress for Beginners Video on Setting “User Roles” Inside Your WordPress Dashboard


WordPress for Beginners: It’s Imperative You Understand This — Bubble Charts

One of the first things you do (even before choosing your domain name or installing WordPress) is KEYWORD RESEARCH. A handy tool to use (FREE) is bubble – basically you build bubbles, which is a VISUAL representation of the pages and categories of your website. This is the Planning phase.

Today you’re in luck – here is an excellent tutorial on Bubble, perfect for a beginner to wordpress . Be sure to KEEP IN MIND the “1000/100,000” Rule – basically, in doing keyword research with the Google Adwords keyword tool ensure that the number of Total Competing Pages is under 100,000 AND that the keyword has searches of at least 1000.


I have some more WordPress tutorials –


What is a Blog Used for: 8 Key Uses

List of Plugins to Use  (Sakura Project)


   Bubble  Charting Tool

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