WordPress for Beginners: Introducing the Sakura Project

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What Makes The Sakura Project so Special?

By  Jan Ashby

There are several things, frankly. For one, the Sakura Project has integrity. I have been online searching for 4 years to find this specific quality, and have finally found it!  Secondly, it’s the HIGH level of seo expertise; I am not exaggerating here.

Look into it a bit, and you’ll uncover this for yourself. Thirdly, Sakura is SO good with beginners – so very patient.. Never cross, or in a hurry, as were the trainers I first found in 2007. And there’s a fourth thing, which actually falls under the heading of Integrity. At Sakura Project, they tell you the TRUTH – i.e., the trainers don’t make it look as if it’s easy to make a good living off the internet.

They explain that it can be done, with the proper training in DEEP KEYWORD RESEARCH and also the commitment necessary.  I want to be up front with you all.  I’m Jan Ashby Jan Ashby  – I’m an Internet Marketer, and happy to be one ..

Yet it does take time, and LEVERAGE, to gear up and make an IMPACT .  It also will take BRANDING, which we help you with – yes, we SHOW you

ways to brand yourself


This is an important thing – while you can outsource some of your work (to Fiverr, etc.), you wouldn’t want to do this exclusively.  You want a part of yourself out there on the Net !

Marketing on the internet can be VERY  lucrative  if you’ve got skills – writing skills, ability to communicate effectively, a people person (also creativity helps).  It’s good to be a person who is a problem-solver – that is, one who isn’t daunted easily by challenges that arise !  😛

Sakura Project Worldwide

  And the thing is, we help each other out with the marketing, so that OUR MESSAGE will spread far and wide  and MAKE an Impact .



WordPress for Beginners Sakura Project

video now for an introduction


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Sakura Project Worldwide

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