Blogging to Make Money: 5 Tips for Blogging Income

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Blogging to Make Money: The Purpose of a Blog

By Jan Ashby


If you are a wordpress blogger who is wondering, “How do I make money blogging“, read this post. It will describe a multitude of ways to generate income from your blog; be sure also to see Resources at the end of this post, as well.

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Plus there will be additional tips with respect to video blogging.

One piece of advice – be sure you have the RIGHT ATTITUDE. As Steve Pavlina explains so eloquently at his famous blog it’s important to KNOW if you’re okay with making money through your blogging efforts. That is, don’t enter into this lightly. Because if you’re going to self-sabotage down the line, well there’s no point in devoting time to this pursuit! 😐


Blogging to Make Money: Adsense

Many newcomers wonder, “Can I make money blogging?” Well, there are those that say one of the best methods of earning some income, when you’re a beginner to WordPress, is via Adsense. Liz Tomey told me that, and other bloggers such as Steve Pavlina (a popular, well-known blogger in the Personal Development field) advocate Adsense too.

The key to earning via Adsense is to create good content. And then linking to that content from many sources. You can use feeder blogs – such as livejournal, tumblr, insanejournal, and Blogger to create a shortened version out of the post at your money blog.

Then simply link to your main blog from these feeder blogs (Link with your primary keyword). By having a smaller version of your original post, you can arouse curiousity. That’s what you want – to LEAD readers over to your main content. 😮


Blogging to Make Money: 7 Video Blogging Tips

When making money blogging, you will need a resource – I found a website which breaks it down for you!  Succinct details on the methods you (or anyone) can employ to make cash through video blogging. You’ll see the promotional opportunities are endless. One important thing – be sure to go look at your video player stats, occasionally – so you can ascertain WHICH videos are the more popular ones. This way you’ll have an idea what it is viewers want, and you can then create some videos to meet that demand. Can You Make Money Blogging - Income Ideas

Tip: In the NEAR Future there will be Facebook’s new search function Facebook Graph Search. You could COMBINE your video blogging with this new way of pinpointing the PERFECT customer – and it’s “off to the races” !! 😮


Blogging Income Ideas: How Can I Make Money From a Blog Doing Postings?

If you want to blog and make money online, you might be interested in doing paid postings, here is a list to get you started:

  1. (For U.S.A only)
  2. SponsoredReviews
  3. SocialSpark
  4. Influenster (Mainly for USA & Canada Users )
  5. Blogsvertise
  6. Adbeans

Linkworth has vast opportunities for bloggers and advertisers alike. There is LinkPost and Linkwords. You can READ up here on Linkworth

Another one I know about is Adbeans – there are certain requirements, and you can check them here . I had good luck with Adbeans – they paid me on time. They are in U.K.**Note: Bear in mind that your blog might have to have page rank – and your blog may need to have a certain amount of traffic. Read the fine print at each website, to determine.



Can You Make Money off a Blog via Word of Mouth?

Hey, you certainly can! There’s a fantastic program called Womvegas – created by Tim Drobnick, it has SO many ways to use “word of mouth” advertising – within their community, you can receive MASSIVE Exposure for your blog – via games, chat, becoming a City Promoter, and the one I particularly love:

> USING YOUTUBE VIDEO to Gain Massive Exposure <<


What you do is visit Youtube search engine, and LOOK for videos that you feel might go Viral !! Then, there’s a tactic you use at WomVegas (once you’re a member) – it’s Super SIMPLE to gain exposure for your blog or website. Just SIGN Up for Blue Funnel Concept email series. And you should look into it now – while it’s free to do so. 😛

What is the BIGGEST BENEFIT to using Womvegas? I’d have to say the fact it’s inexpensive – the advertising, I mean. Even Free members can receive advertising – the other members are all given incentives to surf around (look at your page) and play games.

So it’s something to look into.


Blogging to Make Money: Amazon Profits

Amazon Products for Your Amazon astore
When it comes to amazon profits, you want to have fun with it. That’s my advice – it’s what I’ve always tried to do. Ahead of the 2011 Christmas season, I decided to set up two sites to profit from Amazon as an affiliate. And I did – I had an ereader accessories website, and a memory foam pillow site. I sold a lot of pillows and some ereaders with my honest reviews.

I used Matthew Rhodes’ system, PMM (Pathetic Money Maker). It worked fairly well. You have to find your own Amazon method, of course. There is an abundance of them at the Warrior Forum.

As an affiliate, you can promote anything from baby car seats to power tools or large appliances. You want to look for products which will bring a good return. In the beginning, your Amazon commission percentage will be low – so it’s a good idea to select products over $100. And you’ll find it beneficial to choose products which have a high rating or good reviews, so you won’t suffer many returns.

Then your amazon profits will be greater, over time. I would suggest focusing on one product per page, as well. You don’t want your potential customer confused.

Finally, write a helpful review – succinct and to the point. Include bullet points, and consumer feedback (you should find products with an average rating of 4.0 and above). This is because your credibility is on the line – so choose wisely.

Tip: You may want to consider creating an aStore – you can read the details at the Amazon site

You should be able to succeed, now that I have given you many opportunities of blogging to make money.

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