How to Split Test

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Split Tests: Optimizing Your Squeeze Pages or Sales Pages


WordPress for Beginners – How to Prepare Your Sales Page or Squeeze Page

by  Jan Ashby


How to Split Test: Optimizing For Best Results

There are certain things you should do when testing your squeeze pages. Since this is a split test, you should have two (2) pages for visitor response – but only work on one at a time when tweaking.

There are a multitude of things you could “tweak” and then go test for audience reaction – from background color to Optin box size or placement, to headline font size or color to your copy (the words).


However, in the beginning you want to stick to focusing on these:

• Headline/Hook
• Lead (opening sales message)
• Offer (free trial, installments, continuity, etc.)
• Price


How to Split Test:  High-Impact Elements First

You need to test the High-impact elements for your sales pages, or squeeze pages.  (Later you can begin tweaking other elements, if you wish. But first get a HANDLE on the most significant ones)

I will inform you that with Google Content experiments, you are testing up to five (5) full versions of a single page – then, with the results you can adopt the page which has shown to CONVERT the best.(Note: Sometimes even a slight change in price will increase one’s conversions on a sales page)

Tip:  A very helpful tool to use is Google Analytics Content Experiments (it’s FREE) – Try it HERE


How to Split Test:  Fonts – Which are Best?

Well, guess what – you’ll simply have to test. So this means you will want to create 2 or 3 versions of your squeeze/sales page – each with a different font.

I can tell you one thing I’ve surmised – it’s probably not a good idea to use Times New Roman font (it makes the page difficult to read, and readability is everything).

A reasonable font to use is the arial font (or something you determine).  Just avoid archaic fonts, or using too many loud graphics on your blog – that’s my suggestion to you.


A List of  8 Things to Include on Your Opt-in Page

1. Do You Have a Good Headline – One that grabs the reader’s attention?

2. Do You Have a Simple, Clean Layout – without clutter?

3. Have You Got a Time-Sensitive Offer, or Bonus in Place?

4. Do You Have a CLEAR offer, with Benefits Explained?

5. Is the Subscription Form in the Right Place?

6. Do You Have a Call to Action Button or BIG Red Arrow?

7. Do You Have a Privacy Policy (this Builds trust)

8. Does Your Call to Action tell People what to Do?

(Sign Up Today, “List a Primary Email” etc.)


How to Split Test:  Call to Action Button


When visitors are at your squeeze page, they ought to NOTICE your “call to action” directions (i.e., “Sign Up Now”, “Add to Cart”,  “Get Your Savings Today” etc.) – well GUESS WHAT .. in order for them to notice your directive, you want to have a BIG Red arrow.


I truly HOPE this helps you out, and you should PUT  into action what you have learned straightaway!

Make up a few Opt-in pages, and place them on your WordPress blogThen drive EQUAL amounts of traffic to them.  See which converts into more leads, or “opt-ins”.   😎

If you would like to learn further about creating squeeze pages (lead capture pages), I do recommend Ewen Chia’s book “How I Made my First Million on the Internet” – it has much excellent advice for beginning internet marketers.  It lays a good foundation.

To Your Success,

Jan Ashby WordPress Instructor

Jan Ashby

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