Develop Intuition: Use Intuitive Decision-Making in Your Everyday Life and in Business

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Your Inner Guide Can Help You Develop Your Intuition and Intuitive Decision-Making Process

The Psychic Pathway: A Workbook for Reawakening the Voice of Your Soul”     Intuition Development: Intuitive Powers Text

This book will help a person develop intuition more easily.

Intuitive powers

can help you “see” people, and sense when they are uneasy or reluctant. This can benefit you as a
marketer how? When you develop your powers of intuition, you’ll have a kind of sixth sense which will inform you when you’ve met with resistance – i.e., when to back off and take another approach..


More about Psychic Pathway: A Book to Develop Intuition

It is a workbook that is broken into 12 chapters – every week has exercises to complete. You
will want to do the chapters in order.  🙂

Though this is work, this book is written by a thorough expert.  If you do the chapters in
order, you WILL be able to learn to “listen” to  your inner voice. Your intuition, or inner
voice can guide you toward making wiser decisions – both of a personal nature, and in your

If you have an important work decision to make, you need to make 2 lists –

1) One outlining the objective facts surrounding the decision
2) Another list that consists of your feelings and “gut level” reactions about it

When you can get in the habit of basing your choice/decision on your instinct, I think you’ll
be well pleased with the outcome.

Questions You may be Having About the Intuition Workbook

  • How long does it take to complete? The book is 304 pages – with exercises to do in every chapter. So it may take you some weeks to go through, but since it helps you develop intuition it is well worth the time.
  • Can I get assistance, if I feel ‘stuck’?There are those who specialize in spiritual healing and meditations – who can help you activate your intuition.  One such person is Rama Iyer (as
    an example). You can look him up online. There are other spiritual guides, as well.
  • Will there be times when I have trouble in accessing my powers?Well yes – if you have a lot of noise (“interference”) in your household, or distractions, it can
    be challenging.  There is a need to have the time, and the ability, to meditate.
  • Is meditation essential to the process?In a word, yes. If you are one who has a strong dislike for meditating or cannot sit still easily, you might have difficulty accomplishing much. The act of meditating is done to “quiet the mind” and open up your channel (your powers of perception) so that you can “hear” what the guide, or angel, is communicating to you.
  • Is it worth it? Will my powers of intuition be enhanced?They will indeed, as long as you’re able to meet the qualifications above (meditating and exercises) and are committed to completing the book.


Tip: For Later Reference

It may be a good idea to highlight passages for later review – as this book will be of use more than
just once. As you learn and grow, you will definitely want to refer back to certain chapters –

Intuitive Powers: Invoke Your Angel Guides      Chakra - Your Inner Guide

You will feel a sense of peace, an inner calm, when you TAP into your inner guide. When you know
how to “invoke” your angels, or spiritual guides, you’ll be able to discover your life’s purpose.
You’ll feel freer, and should enjoy a new-found sense of satisfaction by using your powers of
intuition – and you should be in a much better position to help others once you do.

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