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Life Skills Training: What’s the Advantage Here?

By  Jan Ashby
jan ashby

This website is dedicated to helping individuals learn to grow. There is a focus on self growth; for example, you must first help yourself, before you can help others.  You can learn all the basics of internet marketing, but before you can teach Internet Marketing to others you have to learn selflessness – and you need to understand that when you give freely, the universe will give back to you.

It also is important to maintain balance in life; this website will help you do that.

Meditation and education will help put you in the right mindset for helping others.
Therefore, this site is devoted to life skills training for adults, life skills lessons, life skills activities, building self-confidence, life skills curriculum, and

social skills activities

There are positive affirmation tools, and free internet marketing training.


The Sakura Project - Helping WordPress Beginners

Beginners WordPress:  Extend Your Reach

There are tutorials on Beginners WordPress, and access to marketing tools.  There is an introduction to Sakura Project at this blog – which is a terrific program – Self Development (remember we first must WORK on ourselves, before we can help other individuals to be successful on the Net), internet marketing training, WordPress training (some FREE and some paid training), and some Consumer Education classes.   😎

The Consumer Education classes help a person to save money on taxes, auto insurance, and assist a person who is a first-time buyer of a house.

So there is an advantage to going with The Sakura Project.  To READ a bit more on this topic, start here



Here are a few of John Jarvis’ top video trainings, so you can get a FEEL for Sakura Project  and its excellent training.  The first one is all about understanding keywords, and comprehending WHAT Related Keywords are about


Advanced Keyword Research: Learning about Related Keywords  –  WATCH THIS VIDEO    



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