Mentoring Lessons on Keyword Research: 4 Things Gleaned from a Master

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Mastering Keyword Research – 4 Insightful Lessons to Advance Your Knowledge

By Jan Ashby

Why do I want you to receive mentoring lessons in Keyword Research?  I firmly believe it will help beginners to WordPress to get a good education, and once I’ve shared these significant lessons, you can turn around and teach them to your prospects (students).

You may be wondering WHO my mentor is… Well, it’s a fine canadian (and SEO expert) named John Jarvis   John Jarvis  John is patient and knowledgeable  – you would be surprised at just how easily he SHARES his knowledge.  I was quite confused about video seo, and how to create good content at my blog.  He helped me understand the importance of Keyword Research; you too can glean

mentoring lessons

plus learn Keyword Research essentials:    

  1. Basic Keyword research
  2. Related keywords
  3. Organizing a blog post
  4. Using Youtube video(s) at your blog
  5. On-page optimization at Youtube
  6. Importance of Youtube description

Here is a video, detailing the use of “video description” in your Youtube videos – and is about using video in your blog post.  It is fairly short, and is authored by me – Jan Ashby. It explains how many videos you should create, along with specifics as to length and some other vital details.  You can see it here, at Daily Motion.

So, did you know that on-page optimization can be performed at your Youtube?  I didn’t, and John set me straight.  He also explained about crafting a good description..

He said:

(“put the url of the SITE you want to hyperlink to at the beginning of your Youtube description”) – your description should not be too short, but neither should it be overly long.  And he warned me not to “stuff” my video description over & over again with my Primary keyword phrase .


youtube lessons and tips

Video SEO  –  Here are Some Mentoring Lessons in Using Youtube

TIP #1

Another insight I learned (regarding Youtube videos) is that it can be helpful to load a transcript of your new video.  Are you aware that Youtube is now listening more carefully to the words you SPEAK in your video?   It’s true – so it’d be a good idea to use your primary keyword phrase a couple of times in your video (particularly important at the Start of the video, and also in the wrap-up at the end).

I learned from my mentor, John Jarvis, that you can tweak (improve upon) the transcripts that Youtube is producing on some of your videos.  It seems that is indeed an important thing to do.

How is this helpful?  You can EDIT the script, and add your Primary keyword phrase in – but careful – do NOT add the keyword more than 2 times !

To learn about uploading transcripts.. WATCH THIS :

Upload Your Transcript to Youtube

TIP #2      rank videos on google

Meaningful Mentoring Lessons: Explicit Advice on Using Youtube Playlists

In these 2 instructional videos, a knowledgeable expert from guides you with some lessons about playlists .  Once at the website, scroll down a few inches to find the video entitled “How to Create a Youtube Playlist” – and after you’ve watched this introductory video, see this follow-up entitled “Embed Videos & Playlists on Your Blog or Site

ALSO:  Here’s a WikiHow on how to create a Playlist at Youtube, if you’d prefer that resource.


TOP TIP:  Its essential you HOOK your Youtube to Twitter, Google+ and Facebook – to get “social benefit” (seo-wise).

*Note for You:  In the beginning, you cannot SET a Custom thumbnail for your youtube video (once you have a great # of vid’s you CAN ..and this will be a big advantage)



Meaningful Lessons – Advanced Keyword Research Tips

One of the most significant lessons I received from John was the necessity to SIGN OUT of your Gmail account, in order to see authentic results – i.e., to see where you rank  <<= <<=

And there were some more meaningful lessons, such as:

  • To get a true reading on number of Competing Sites, place keyword phrase in Quotes (at
  • Use the 1000/100,000 Rule – keyword s/b searched on minimum 1000 times, and no more than 100,000 competing websites
  • HOW to Make an IMPACT video  (a Youtube video)
  •  I learned about Playlists – watch this Video on Youtube Insights and Playlists (*Note: There’s a place for Playlist description – Type in a good one w/keywords)


Blog Training:  Insights to Video SEO and Using Youtube

Blogging Training:  Video SEO Lessons and Using Youtube
The mentoring lessons I learned from John Jarvis about honing one’s Youtube channel, and the importance of descriptions and Titles therein was most significant.  You see, on-page seo inside of Youtube is important.  I learned to place my chosen keyword(s) at the beginning of the title.  And not to “overstuff” keywords within the description – you only want to use your keyword phrase a few times.

Another meaningful lesson, or tip, I found was the USEFULNESS of developing a playlist – I will tell you, if you will build a Youtube channel  (taking CARE to name it with your keywords ) and then create playlists it will be of SEO benefit (in Google’s search results).  Google owns Youtube, and likes playlists a lot (and WILL feature playlists in search results).

Another tip:  Trick out your Youtube Channel –  so it LOOKS NICEyoutube tips

You can READ more about branding your youtube channel to your benefit (be sure you read #3).  And you can see an example of a funny channel HERE
More Meaningful Lessons with John Jarvis:  How to ORGANIZE a Blog Post (This is a video and John’s portion is 24 minutes into the video )  😀

The following are useful SEO hints and tips 😎  that John taught me – regarding organizing a wordpress blog post:

  1. Heading 1 (Keywords in all 3 headings – 1st I do Keyword Research)
  2. Text (Body)
  3. Video or image (Keep videos 5 minutes and under)
  4. Heading 2
  5. Text (Image within)
  6. Heading 3
  7. Text
  8. End with title and make it very small


ResourcesYouTube “Insights: Statistics and Data” feature   😉

More on Video SEO

More on Keyword Research

Example of my Yahoo Video Results

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