Social Media Basics: Video Training on Twitter Techniques

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Social Media Basics – An Introduction

Twitter Methods - An Introduction
The first video I’ll share today is really a brief overview of Twitter – we’ll get more in-depth a bit later in the post.  This is for newcomers to gain a perspective:

That should give you a brief idea – yet there is so much more to know and you can check my resources at the end of this post, plus you can view this next video (kinda fun) about using Twitter lists.  It explains how to create a twit list, and how to name it – “private” versus “public” e.g.

It is a more informal style video, yet demonstrates how you can assemble people into different categories, or Lists.  You may desire to place your clients into one special list, for instance.  At approximately 3 minutes 40 seconds into her video, the presenter shows you STEP by STEP.  Now you won’t get lost (lol) –

Twitter Chats or “Tweet” Chats

This next one is about Tweet Chats. These are discussions, or “chats”, where you can LEARN new things every time you attend. It’s mainly a matter of using a HASHTAG to locate the topic you’re into, and then checking a schedule to see when the group (TweetChat Schedule) meets up.

To go be interactive, visit the official

TweetChat Schedule


Okay, now onto the video:

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