Social Media Business Tactics: 3 Ways to Make an Awesome Impact

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Social Media Business Tactics – 3 Ways to Communicate Better

– By Jan Ashby

You want to read Jeff Bulla’s article about social media business tactics – he does a good job of breaking down some social media methods you can start with.

His post, 3 Strategies for Social Media Marketing, speaks of heightening BRAND Awareness and building a branded community.  It includes a case study for you to look at – which I can appreciate.

Additionally, Jeff speaks of increasing loyalty among clientele and invoking a strategy around a topic your target audience is interested in.

Here is a partial reprint of his article:

A well-known case study of how this works in practice is how American Express used social media to create connections with their small and medium sized business (SMB) owners. AMEX didn’t talk about the advantages of their product (which is a topic that would likely gain little traction) but rather they created a branded community called AMEX Open around a theme that small business owners are extremely passionate about- making money & growing their small business.




Social Media Advice – A  Slideshow by Jeff Bullas

You’ll enjoy this – it was inspiring to me (& gave me some IDEAS):   Jeff Bullas Social Media Tips Slideshow

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