The Purpose of a Blog for Business: What is Involved?

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WordPress Blog Design:  Trust Seals and More


When I typed the term trust seal  into the search engine, know what I got?  This cute picture:     Trust-and-Respect

Okay, I jest.  In actuality, the purpose of a blog for business is to make sales, or to get opt-ins to your list.  Another important purpose of your blog is to BUILD TRUST.

There are many things you can do to encourage trust  😉  – you can have Trust seals at your website..  no, not the adorable little seal above – the sort of   Trust seal that enables your visitors to feel more secure, more at ease.  This is especially important when a customer of yours enters the “secure checkout” phase.

Also, if you want to ensure that your WordPress site is secure, you could accomplish this by purchasing an SSL certificate.  You can do this for your Facebook page too.


More Design Factors for Secure Checkout at Your WordPress Blog

Another important thing to invoke is to have a smooth, seamless (and secure)  checkout process. This post is not going to endeavor to explain the whole checkout process – there are good articles on that – such as this one .  Or this one .

Another good article which will help you examine shopping carts, and how to choose the RIGHT payment gateway is located HERE.  It’s so essential to do a thorough analysis of the subject, so that your customers feel secure at your site.  If they do not feel secure, they’ll BOUNCE off your site.  And remember that the bounce rate is probably a consideration in ranking your site (at least with Google).


Create Authority with Your Blog

With your blog, you can inform and educate. You can also entertain.  You can share a humorous anecdote about yourself, or your life – when it’s appropriate (if you have a business blog, keep it to a minimum). Just KNOW your audience and what they’re into (you can do this by checking your WordPress logs, and also the WordPress dashboard can provide information on keywords used).



By entertaining your audience, and sharing a bit about yourself you’ll get a LOYAL following – over time.

For instance-  if you share one of your foibles or errors in judgment – you’ll only endear your audience; by showing you’re “only human”, others will probably be drawn to you.  Remember, America LOVES an underdog.   🙂  They also love a comeback story!

In giving your readership valuable content, you’ll satisfy a need in them; they will return to your blog again and again – so long as you keep it fresh.

Important Design Elements for Your  Wordpress Blog

Do you realize that it’s important that each page on your blog have a brand element; it should BE the Same at each page of your website. The colors should be the same, and the font should be the same. You don’t want your readers to ever be confused – you don’t want them scratching their heads, or wandering off because they’re muddled as to which site they’re on. 

Remember, most internet surfers visit a LOT of websites on any given day (this is WHY you need to keep design elements consistent).

 I’ve given you some good tips today – to read more, you can visit my valuable post here


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 Prefer video?  Here’s input as to “the purpose of a blog for business ”    

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