How Related Keywords Can Help Your Business Blog

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Home Business Helps: Use of Related Keywords Will Help Your Home Biz Blog

– By Jan Ashby

Web Marketing with Related Keywords

An understanding of related keywords is important for your websites.  Here is what “related keywords” does for you:

  1. Encourage a lower bounce rate
  2. Provides Google what it wants
  3. Gives cohesive quality to your site
  4. Ties the content together
  5. Provides value to the blog visitor

Speaking directly to #2, which is giving Google what it wants, this can result in better rankings for your various blog pages. You see, google likes it when your material has a “cohesiveness”  to it.  When the content makes sense to your visitor, Google is HAPPY and your reader is happyso WHY not work on improving it?  😉

When there is a logical flow from one sentence to the next, it benefits your readers – how?  It makes your material easier to digest, and understand.  COHESION is the state of being connected, btw.  As a writer, you want your words to be connected.


You want your visitors to benefit.  One way to achieve this is to edit and re-write your pages. Take care to place most of your SUBJECTS at the start of a sentence. 
Here are some things to ask yourself during an edit:

  • Do my sentences “hang together”? Readers, as they move from 1 sentence to the next, must feel that ea. sentence coheres and MAKES sense with the previous sentence
  • Consider whether sentences which make up your paragraph have CONTINUITY and a logical flow

TIP – If your sentences can end with a bit of information that is SURPRISING to your blog visitor, all the better. Giving VALUE to a reader will likely cause him/her to remember your blog better – and it will:

  • encourage loyalty
  • lower your bounce rate
  • increase the chance for “opt-ins” to your newsletter
  • increase social sharing of your blog or sitejan ashby reporter and consultant

Now you still may be scratching your head wondering, what the HECK are related keywords?  You may see an example of this by visiting and scrolling to the bottom of the page once you’ve entered a “search”.  You’ll notice a group of words (phrases) at the end of the page – these are related keywords – yup, the ones that Google feels are inter-related. These phrases are the ones you should utilize when doing the PLANNING for your blog post(s).

You may notice (while at that some keyword phrases are comprised of  3-word phrases, while others are comprised of 4-word keyword phrases.  Occasionally, it will be only 2 .  Tip:  Try to use the 4 word phrases as much as you can, as these are the TRUE longtail keywords – and they’re easier to rank .

Are you starting to see the power of keywords now – especially the longer ones??  Here is a really good Advanced Keyword video lesson to help you:

Advanced Keyword Research Video     keyword-terms



A side benefit of improving your writing is that your click through rate can improve, and sales can improve (conversion). A blog should not be stagnant.  It can be re-shaped and rewritten.  If you perform split tests, you will LEARN from your blog – you’ll discover the PAGES that have low conversions or low click-through’s, and you will edit them.


Experimenting and Split Testing: 2 Ways to Make a Good Blog Better


Hey, I’ll bet you’re excited to realize you can make your blog BETTER!  I know I was jazzed, when I understood about split testing and experimenting.  These days, there are Google Experiments – if you go through your Google analytics, you’ll find and explore this.

Advanced keyword research


Alright, one way to improve upon your past blog posts is to seek some input – from a friend or someone online.  Ask them whether your post has a good FLOW to it.  Additionally, you can do the following:

  • A/B split testing
  • Use Google Content Experiments to Track Multiple Goals *


jan ashby life skills for adults  I do hope this brief lesson on keywords has helped you. There are further posts at my blog on the topic too:

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