WomVegas: A Vast Social Site with Lots of Fun Stuff

WomVegas: A Vast Social Site with Lots of Fun Stuff

WomVegas is a Classifieds Site – Yet It is Also a Fun, Social Site

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Hence the name Womvegas .

Are you a “social” individual? One who likes to meet new people? Then possibly, Womvegas is for you.

Do you like organization in your business? Because Wom is very well set up – if you like things to be well-laid out and structured, with lots of TRAINING already in place – then you MAY like what W.O.M. has to offer.

You see, W.O.M. stands for “word of mouth” advertising – and a big part of Wom is the classified ads section, or WomTown.

One unique thing about W.O.M. is that you can have your very own classified ads page – where the entire page is all your ads. Pretty exciting, eh? So if you have a lot of websites and you’d like to build some good links to each – then wom classifieds is for you.


Crowd: Virtual Audience

Now, there is also WomVegas – which is like a Virtual Convention Center and a  HUGE social site where people come to play games and SOCIALIZE – they talk to one another in the Coffee SHop, or in 1 of the many Chat rooms.

Additionally, if you are wanting to build a business, you need leads. You can receive FREE leads through WomFriends – another site which makes up a part of Wom. To get these, you have to agree to receive the offers of others.

However, if you don’t want to devote time to this, you may purchase Tim’s verified prospect leads.

Local Business Opportunity: Speak to Businesses

There is also the “City Promoter” opportunity -here you’ll be working with local businesses, and you can do this offline (visit businesses), online, or BOTH. To participate in this, you can buy in to represent a town, or you can choose to be a Telemarketer & call for other Wom Town representatives who own a city. The choice is yours!

As you can see, there is LOTS of choice with this – and you can put your own SPIN on things. There is also a new opportunity, to sell Landing Pages. You can be a Landing Page Agency owner. You just need to come visit us, watch some of the videos, and then ask your QUESTIONS in the coffee shop room. You can JOIN free here:

Note: To be a city promoter, you must first become a Sales Agent (Free to do).

For info visit:  CITY Promoter Position

If you are leaning more toward general sales – such as promoting the Topaz Promo Kit – find out more by watching this video: >> Work from Home Position <<
The video above explains the process really well. You can either become a Topaz sales agent, or simply go for the Ad package.

To Your Success,

Jan Ashby
City Promoter WomTown


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