Content Marketing Tips: A Compilation of 4 Useful Posts

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Content Marketing Tips – Ways of Reusing Your Material and Branding Yourself


Jan L Ashby

Today I’d like to share 4 content marketing tipsthese are either great blog posts, slideshows or video.

Let’s start with the video.. this one discusses how you can use old blog posts to create fresh content. It is by Belinda Weaver:


7 Practical Ways to Take Old Material and Create New Media:


Next up, let’s look at Heidi Cohen’s blog posts. She has really good content, so I am confident you’ll like her ideas as much as I do. 😆


She suggests things like collecting your best tweets and placing them within a blog post, OR compiling the best points from one of your presentations into a blog post. Other tips of Heidi’s that I liked were about how to add a soundtrack to convert your presentation into a video and Pinterest tips. In all, she gives you 30 ideas – so here’s a portion of the post:


8 Content Categories That Facilitate Content Creation

Content Creation Tips and Ideas

One of the biggest challenges content marketers, including B2C, B2B, not-for-product and solopreneurs face, is having enough fresh content to meet customer needs and feed social media.


When developing your editorial and social media calendars, plan ahead to incorporate ways to extend the utility of each piece of content. (BTW–here’s a Cliff Notes Version of an editorial calendar.)

Here are thirty insider tips you can use now to extend your content marketing:

Twitter Marketing and More: Content Innovation Strategies

Live events and/or conferences provide a variety of content development options including the keynotes and presentations as well as exhibitor materials.


  1. Live stream the event to extend your audience. This can be shared in real time or used for later download. Depending on your content and revenue model, this is useful for paid products.
  2. Create shorter videos of specific speakers or panels. These are short, focused videos that correlate with your event.
  3. Live tweet the event highlights. Tweets can come from a member of your team or from members of the audience. It helps to create

    Twitter bait

    to enhance the conversation around your event. To increase event related tweeting, offer a prize. (Here are some specifics regarding live tweeting events.)

  4. Collect the best tweets into a blog post or article. This option is a no brainer. Go through the events’ tweets to find the most engaging ones and curate them with supplemental commentary. (Here’s Michael Brenner’s round up of his tweets from Content Marketing World.)
  5. Live blog the event. Get designated bloggers who are good at turning around posts about your presentations.
  6. Extract the salient points of your presentation into a blog post or article. This is an alternative to live blogging. (Here’s an example from Content Marketing World – 7 Content Marketing Rockstars Give Their Advice.)
  7. Interview presenters and/or attendees for short videos or podcasts. Take advantage of the opportunity to speak with presenters and gather their opinions. Make sure that you get their permission.
  8. Take photographs (or let your attendees share theirs). Use pictures of the people at your event to promote the next one by showing how much fun people are having. People like sharing images of themselves.

To see the entire Heidi post, visit THIS url

Content Marketing Template: Create an Editorial Calendar

Calendar Template: Scheduling

First a useful video series – METV Presents “Scheduling and Organizing Your Blog Calendar”


You can google Editorial Calendar Template and examine some templates; alternatively, if you use WordPress there’s a plugin to help you SCHEDULE and organize your posts. This plugin gives one a FULL view of a Blog Postings calendar (both your “drafts” and scheduled posts); plus you’ll have the ability to Drag & Drop a post from it’s originally scheduled position to a fresh position on the calendar.

The editorial calendar template plugin allows you to edit, and to hover over menu options – then you can MAKE changes as you see fit. To consider this plugin, visit

Alright, now to continue with the content marketing tips, I suggest viewing this slideshow presentation on the design of your blog. This will help you SEE the Big Picture; you need to have a content strategy & examine how your blog content will serve your business and your viewers. Discover, Define, Design, Develop and Deploy:


Content Strategies for Your Business


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