Social Media Basics for Beginners: Top Tips for Your Business

Understanding the Importance of Social Media and Social Media Trends By  JAN ASHBY ln approaching Social Media for your business, you should lay down some goals and get organized in your thinking.  Why? Because this will benefit your business, to know and LIST down what has been successful in the past; also it’ll help you […]
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Social Media Business Tactics: 3 Ways to Make an Awesome Impact

Social Media Business Tactics – 3 Ways to Communicate Better – By Jan Ashby You want to read Jeff Bulla’s article about social media business tactics – he does a good job of breaking down some social media methods you can start with. His post, 3 Strategies for Social Media Marketing, speaks of heightening BRAND […]
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  Life Skills Training: What’s the Advantage Here? By  Jan Ashby This website is dedicated to helping individuals learn to grow. There is a focus on self growth; for example, you must first help yourself, before you can help others.  You can learn all the basics of internet marketing, but before you can teach Internet Marketing […]
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