Blogging Tactics: How to Make Your Blog Shine

Blogging Tactics – 10 Tips by Heidi Cohen –  By Jan Ashby I will share six of the excellent tips Heidi came up with at her blog – if you want a peek at the rest, click the link at the end.  I relate to number 2 – “Build a body of content related to […]
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Social Media for Beginners: 6 Action Items for Your Team

Social Media for Beginners:  Involve Your Team 6 Social Media Tips for Beginners By Jan Ashby  It’s practical, common sense to get your people involved prior to an upcoming training. You can create a Facebook group and invite participants to become involved ahead of time. You can gain feedback as to what people would want […]
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  Life Skills Training: What’s the Advantage Here? By  Jan Ashby This website is dedicated to helping individuals learn to grow. There is a focus on self growth; for example, you must first help yourself, before you can help others.  You can learn all the basics of internet marketing, but before you can teach Internet Marketing […]
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