How Related Keywords Can Help Your Business Blog

Home Business Helps: Use of Related Keywords Will Help Your Home Biz Blog – By Jan Ashby An understanding of related keywords is important for your websites.  Here is what “related keywords” does for you: Encourage a lower bounce rate Provides Google what it wants Gives cohesive quality to your site Ties the content together […]
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Keyword Training: Why Do You Need Related Keywords?

Beginners WordPress – Your Content Strategy Begins with Keyword Research By   Jan Ashby   Beginning Keyword Research: Building Blocks Your brain is your best asset for keyword research.   When you are starting out, you need to put some thought into content strategy. <– Here is a good article for this These are the 3 […]
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  Life Skills Training: What’s the Advantage Here? By  Jan Ashby This website is dedicated to helping individuals learn to grow. There is a focus on self growth; for example, you must first help yourself, before you can help others.  You can learn all the basics of internet marketing, but before you can teach Internet Marketing […]
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How to Win Targeted Visitors to Your Site

Attract Targeted Visitors to Your Site:  How To by  Jan  Ashby I presume you began your online business in order to make money, right?  Okay, well you’re going to have a much better chance of being successful if you market to those people who are SPECIFICALLY interested in your particular product (or service).  Meaning your […]
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