The Purpose of a Blog for Business: What is Involved?

WordPress Blog Design:  Trust Seals and More   When I typed the term trust seal  into the search engine, know what I got?  This cute picture:     Okay, I jest.  In actuality, the purpose of a blog for business is to make sales, or to get opt-ins to your list.  Another important purpose of your blog […]
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Blogging to Make Money: 5 Tips for Blogging Income

  Blogging to Make Money: The Purpose of a Blog By Jan Ashby    If you are a wordpress blogger who is wondering, “How do I make money blogging“, read this post. It will describe a multitude of ways to generate income from your blog; be sure also to see Resources at the end of […]
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  Life Skills Training: What’s the Advantage Here? By  Jan Ashby This website is dedicated to helping individuals learn to grow. There is a focus on self growth; for example, you must first help yourself, before you can help others.  You can learn all the basics of internet marketing, but before you can teach Internet Marketing […]
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Best Blog to Use – What is the Best Blog Engine?

What is The Best Blog to Use? Comparing Blogging Platforms – By Jan Ashby What is the best blog to use, in terms of blogging platforms?  Is it Moveable Type, WordPress, SquareSpace, Tumblr?   Well, only you can decide that. It depends on your goals for your blog, and what its purpose is. Do you […]
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How to Split Test

Split Tests: Optimizing Your Squeeze Pages or Sales Pages   WordPress for Beginners – How to Prepare Your Sales Page or Squeeze Page by  Jan Ashby   How to Split Test: Optimizing For Best Results There are certain things you should do when testing your squeeze pages. Since this is a split test, you should […]
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