How Do You Project a More Positive Self-Image

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How Can Making Speeches Help with Positive Self-Image?

A positive self-image can also be had by producing a good speech

in front of an audience.   Positive Self-Image in Front of an Audience Overcome your fear, and get out there –

so long as you are well prepared, and practice your speech several

times prior to giving it, you’ll do alright.   And also, get used to 

laughing at yourself.   This way, if you experience a foible or bobble

during your actual speech, you’ll do fine – because you’ll be used to

laughing at yourself (think self-deprecating humor) it won’t be a

shock or surprise !

If you want to try this method of self-development (giving a speech),

you’ll want to give a speech that’s BRIEF for your first speech.  If you

are not that comfortable with humor, then be sure to make your speech :

  • Lively
  • Optimistic
  • Uncomplicated

First of all, let’s speak to the issue of complexity – in a word, you don’t want this.

You don’t want to bore the audience, or cause them to have to think TOO hard.

Instead, structure your speech or talk around 1 or 2 points that an audience can

easily grasp.


Why Keep it Lively?

You want to choose a theme for your speech that can be illustrated with little

stories (think anecdotes), or humor, if you’re comfortable with telling funny jokes

and stories to an audience.   Try to think of a funny story about yourself that can

fit in with the theme of the speech – entertain your audience.  Consider the ONE

message you want to convey to your group of listeners, when you are scripting

your speech.  (This will help you to keep it tight)


Use Optimism, & Project a Positive Self-Image

Now is not the time to unburden yourself – you want to keep it light.  ANd you

want to give a “tight speech” – so when you’re editing your script for the speech,

eliminate any excess wording.  Use appropriate words for the audience too – do

NOT use words that’ll FLY right over their heads.

TipThink of your audience as 1 person – when you only have one person to worry

about, you’ll feel more of a connection.  Do all you can to keep it tight, and light.

I promise you that when you employ the above methods, you can develop a more

positive self-image, indeed !

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