Jan Ashby Anecdotes

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When I was a little girl in Burlington Massachusetts, I used to love to play outside. We had a creek running alongside our property, and my mom told me this was my boundary. In other words, I was not to play anywhere beyond the property line – at the creek.


So when I did get an opportunity (via a birthday party invitation) to get outside of my yard I really enjoyed it. You might say I relished it.


I have fond memories, actually, of laughing and giggling at this birthday party. Just having fun and being spontaneous, which little kids are so NATURALLY good at. Oh, those were the days!


Sometimes, as adults we forget how to have fun.  How to Relax.   😆


Does this ever happen to you? Well, maybe you need some inspiration – here it is:


PARTY IDEAS FOR YOU      party-fun

I always loved playing charades or “Human Slide Show” which is a load of fun.

And in the spirit of summer, here are some backyard activities