My Interest in Art: What was The Difference Between Success and Failure

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Life Skills Activities – The Difference Between Success and Failure

This is a story about the difference between success and failure.

My name is Jan Ashby.   Jan Ashby   As a child, I had an interest in art. Thus I planned to be an artist.

The place I lived had a junior college nearby which offered classes in drawing and art – in the Bay area in
California. When I graduated high school, I took myself over to my local junior college and stood in line to register.

I got the initial registration done and paid my fees.  Next step was to check a bulletin board, to see if the
art class was still available. It turned out the class was full.

I waited until the next quarter, and registered again. Unfortunately, no openings.  The next quarter, the
same thing happened.  As it was a large city, I was not entirely surprised.

Then, the next year rolled around; I paid my fees and checked the bulletin board.  Stymied again. This
happened every quarter that year, and I grew a bit discouraged.


Success and Failure:  What Choices Did I Make?

It wasn’t until the 2nd year that I did a bit of detective work,  and I discovered that this particular junior college
was allowing people to sign up for as many courses as they wanted – more than they could possibly take, and then
make their decision to opt out later.


Moral of the story is that I allowed this whole thing to discourage me from learning to draw – even though I had
the raw talent.  I could have gone to my local library and found books on art.

But I was stubborn – and did nothing.  Years later, I finally took up drawing.  I could have had a failure to fail
outlook from the beginning. Oh well.

There is a lesson here:

Find a way, but do NOT let anything stand in the way of your dream.


Let Failure to Fail Be Your Motto

People are sometimes unaware that they’re actively involved in allowing challenges to sideline them. They don’t
work very hard (sometimes) to find another avenue – a way around the problem.

Yet there usually is a way – so I say, let “failure to fail” be your modus operandi.  Get in the habit of doing
brainstorming to solve problems, and read a lot of books.  These habits will help to keep your mind open, and
will be conducive to a problem-solving approach in life.


Life Skills Activities: Learning From Failure –  Don’t Be so Afraid of This

Also, do bear in mind that you can learn from failure, and not as much when you merely succeed. Therefore, why
not have a mindset of limiting your fears, and accepting the challenges in life so you CAN learn and achieve !

There are some life skills activities that you can do, to work out your fears and understand yourself better.  I’ll refer
you to the book “Finding Your Own North Star”  – see Chapter 7 ,  it speaks of repairing your emotional compass.

I have some more reading for you to do, on this topic – head over to my self improvement site and read the post,
7 Days to Positive Thinking .   That will get you in the right mindset.

And I will have more posts on Life Skills activities, too.  So be on the lookout for those.


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