What are Related Keywords?

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What are Related Keywords, and Do You KNOW How they Can Help You –  By Author Jan Ashby

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We are a small family of SEO specialists who know keyword research, inside and out.  You must crawl before you can walk – that is, you need a good education on KEYWORDS – you must know about “Related keywords” and what a Buyer keyword is.  We like to help people – so whether you’re a beginner to keyword research, or more advanced, we welcome you.

You can learn HOW to attract “targeted visitors” to your site.. using related keywords and “buyer keywords”.  There are interesting (and Helpful) videos on THIS page .  Watch them in order, so that you will absorb more and truly grasp the fascinating universe of keywords .   Related Keywords
   LEARN About Getting Targeted Visitors to Your Site: Stick Them to Yr Site Like Glue!