Keyword Training: Why Do You Need Related Keywords?

Beginners WordPress – Your Content Strategy Begins with Keyword Research

By   Jan Ashby


Beginning Keyword Research: Building Blocks

Your brain is your best asset for keyword research.   When you are starting out, you need to put some thought into content strategy. <– Here is a good article for this

These are the 3 basic steps –

1. Choose possible keywords to start your research

2.  Analyze the keyword phrase, and ascertain both the level of competition and popularity of your keywords

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Beginners WordPress for Newbies: What is a Blog Used For?

WordPress for Beginners: What is a Blog Used for – 5 Useful Tips

By Jan Ashby    jan ashby

What is a Blog Used For – Part 1 – “Possible Options”

What is a blog? There are many attributes of a blog – but certainly a blog is used to communicate one’s message to the world. It is also used to develop LOYALTY and TRUST.  It can also be used to convey a sense of hope, if it is a good blog.

A blog can be a record of one’s personal journey or experience; a blog can be inspirational, hopeful or critical (think political blogs); it can be a humor-filled expose, a travelogue, a journal – it can be filled with revelations, deep insights, or profound truths.
blog writing
It can be a review-style blog filled with commentary by product owners. It might be a diner’s journal. Or a wonderful photography blog, filled with dazzling images and video.  And certainly, a blog can be used by teachers as a way to instruct.

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WordPress Video Training: Getting Started with WordPress

WordPress for Beginners: Create a Blog Template to Keep on Track

By Jan Ashby

Hi everyone. Today I am providing some wordpress video training, and also some “WordPress Beginners” resources. Here is an example of a template (in case you aren’t aware):

Your introductory paragraph goes here. Basically it says if you want to be successful at “something“, here are the 4 things you must do, or must not do, to accomplish what your “something” is.

Item 1 (Main keyword)

Write some things in here about your topic. It shouldn’t be too much because the purpose of an article is to get people to your website. Just write 3 or 4 sentences

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Mentoring Lessons on Keyword Research: 4 Things Gleaned from a Master

Mastering Keyword Research – 4 Insightful Lessons to Advance Your Knowledge

By Jan Ashby

Why do I want you to receive mentoring lessons in Keyword Research?  I firmly believe it will help beginners to WordPress to get a good education, and once I’ve shared these significant lessons, you can turn around and teach them to your prospects (students).

You may be wondering WHO my mentor is… Well, it’s a fine canadian (and SEO expert) named John Jarvis   John Jarvis  John is patient and knowledgeable  – you would be surprised at just how easily he SHARES his knowledge.  I was quite confused about video seo, and how to create good content at my blog.  He helped me understand the importance of Keyword Research; you too can glean

mentoring lessons

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Develop Intuition: Use Intuitive Decision-Making in Your Everyday Life and in Business

Your Inner Guide Can Help You Develop Your Intuition and Intuitive Decision-Making Process

The Psychic Pathway: A Workbook for Reawakening the Voice of Your Soul”     Intuition Development: Intuitive Powers Text

This book will help a person develop intuition more easily.

Intuitive powers

can help you “see” people, and sense when they are uneasy or reluctant. This can benefit you as a
marketer how? When you develop your powers of intuition, you’ll have a kind of sixth sense which will inform you when you’ve met with resistance – i.e., when to back off and take another approach..

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