How Related Keywords Can Help Your Business Blog

Home Business Helps: Use of Related Keywords Will Help Your Home Biz Blog

– By Jan Ashby

Web Marketing with Related Keywords

An understanding of related keywords is important for your websites.  Here is what “related keywords” does for you:

  1. Encourage a lower bounce rate
  2. Provides Google what it wants
  3. Gives cohesive quality to your site
  4. Ties the content together
  5. Provides value to the blog visitor

Speaking directly to #2, which is giving Google what it wants, this can result in better rankings for your various blog pages. You see, google likes it when your material has a “cohesiveness”  to it.  When the content makes sense to your visitor, Google is HAPPY and your reader is happyso WHY not work on improving it?  😉

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Keyword Training: Why Do You Need Related Keywords?

Beginners WordPress – Your Content Strategy Begins with Keyword Research

By   Jan Ashby


Beginning Keyword Research: Building Blocks

Your brain is your best asset for keyword research.   When you are starting out, you need to put some thought into content strategy. <– Here is a good article for this

These are the 3 basic steps –

1. Choose possible keywords to start your research

2.  Analyze the keyword phrase, and ascertain both the level of competition and popularity of your keywords

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Beginners WordPress for Newbies: What is a Blog Used For?

WordPress for Beginners: What is a Blog Used for – 5 Useful Tips

By Jan Ashby    jan ashby

What is a Blog Used For – Part 1 – “Possible Options”

What is a blog? There are many attributes of a blog – but certainly a blog is used to communicate one’s message to the world. It is also used to develop LOYALTY and TRUST.  It can also be used to convey a sense of hope, if it is a good blog.

A blog can be a record of one’s personal journey or experience; a blog can be inspirational, hopeful or critical (think political blogs); it can be a humor-filled expose, a travelogue, a journal – it can be filled with revelations, deep insights, or profound truths.
blog writing
It can be a review-style blog filled with commentary by product owners. It might be a diner’s journal. Or a wonderful photography blog, filled with dazzling images and video.  And certainly, a blog can be used by teachers as a way to instruct.

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WordPress Video Training: Getting Started with WordPress

WordPress for Beginners: Create a Blog Template to Keep on Track

By Jan Ashby

Hi everyone. Today I am providing some wordpress video training, and also some “WordPress Beginners” resources. Here is an example of a template (in case you aren’t aware):

Your introductory paragraph goes here. Basically it says if you want to be successful at “something“, here are the 4 things you must do, or must not do, to accomplish what your “something” is.

Item 1 (Main keyword)

Write some things in here about your topic. It shouldn’t be too much because the purpose of an article is to get people to your website. Just write 3 or 4 sentences

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Mentoring Lessons on Keyword Research: 4 Things Gleaned from a Master

Mastering Keyword Research – 4 Insightful Lessons to Advance Your Knowledge

By Jan Ashby

Why do I want you to receive mentoring lessons in Keyword Research?  I firmly believe it will help beginners to WordPress to get a good education, and once I’ve shared these significant lessons, you can turn around and teach them to your prospects (students).

You may be wondering WHO my mentor is… Well, it’s a fine canadian (and SEO expert) named John Jarvis   John Jarvis  John is patient and knowledgeable  – you would be surprised at just how easily he SHARES his knowledge.  I was quite confused about video seo, and how to create good content at my blog.  He helped me understand the importance of Keyword Research; you too can glean

mentoring lessons

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