The Purpose of a Blog for Business: What is Involved?

WordPress Blog Design:  Trust Seals and More


When I typed the term trust seal  into the search engine, know what I got?  This cute picture:     Trust-and-Respect

Okay, I jest.  In actuality, the purpose of a blog for business is to make sales, or to get opt-ins to your list.  Another important purpose of your blog is to BUILD TRUST.

There are many things you can do to encourage trust  😉  – you can have Trust seals at your website..  no, not the adorable little seal above – the sort of   Trust seal that enables your visitors to feel more secure, more at ease.  This is especially important when a customer of yours enters the “secure checkout” phase.

Also, if you want to ensure that your WordPress site is secure, you could accomplish this by purchasing an SSL certificate.  You can do this for your Facebook page too.

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Social Media Basics: Video Training on Twitter Techniques

Social Media Basics – An Introduction

Twitter Methods - An Introduction
The first video I’ll share today is really a brief overview of Twitter – we’ll get more in-depth a bit later in the post.  This is for newcomers to gain a perspective:

That should give you a brief idea – yet there is so much more to know and you can check my resources at the end of this post, plus you can view this next video (kinda fun) about using Twitter lists.  It explains how to create a twit list, and how to name it – “private” versus “public” e.g.

It is a more informal style video, yet demonstrates how you can assemble people into different categories, or Lists.  You may desire to place your clients into one special list, for instance.  At approximately 3 minutes 40 seconds into her video, the presenter shows you STEP by STEP.  Now you won’t get lost (lol) –

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Social Media Basics for Beginners: Top Tips for Your Business

Understanding the Importance of Social Media and Social Media Trends


ln approaching Social Media for your business, you should lay down some goals and get organized in your thinking.  Why? Because this will benefit your business, to know and LIST down what has been successful in the past; also it’ll help you brainstorm some ideas on how you’re going to educate/advise others.  The more you understand about GooglePlus and social media, the better off you and those who follow you will be !


 1)  What are your top business marketing goals for this year?

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Blogging to Make Money: 5 Tips for Blogging Income


Blogging to Make Money: The Purpose of a Blog

By Jan Ashby


If you are a wordpress blogger who is wondering, “How do I make money blogging“, read this post. It will describe a multitude of ways to generate income from your blog; be sure also to see Resources at the end of this post, as well.

    jan ashby life skills training

Plus there will be additional tips with respect to video blogging.

One piece of advice – be sure you have the RIGHT ATTITUDE. As Steve Pavlina explains so eloquently at his famous blog it’s important to KNOW if you’re okay with making money through your blogging efforts. That is, don’t enter into this lightly. Because if you’re going to self-sabotage down the line, well there’s no point in devoting time to this pursuit! 😐

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Social Media Business Tactics: 3 Ways to Make an Awesome Impact

Social Media Business Tactics – 3 Ways to Communicate Better

– By Jan Ashby

You want to read Jeff Bulla’s article about social media business tactics – he does a good job of breaking down some social media methods you can start with.

His post, 3 Strategies for Social Media Marketing, speaks of heightening BRAND Awareness and building a branded community.  It includes a case study for you to look at – which I can appreciate.

Additionally, Jeff speaks of increasing loyalty among clientele and invoking a strategy around a topic your target audience is interested in.

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WordPress Site Layout: 12 Tips to Ensure Loyal Visitors to Your Blog

WordPress Site Layout: 12 Recommendations For Repeat Visitors

By Jan Ashby


1. You want to ADD new material to your blog often – it can be a slideshow, a post, a podcast, a video presentation – but find something to share, and often.

Technorati: Blog Authority Personified

One big thing to do is hit up sites such as Alltop, Technorati, Blog Catalog, BlogCarnival, and find fresh material (regarding your niche) to publish on your blog.  I am speaking of content curation here  😉   You credit the author (and link back), and in exchange you can use an excerpt and then contribute comments about the article for your readership.

*Note:  You might want to place a date counter on the page (indicating fresh content has been published)

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