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How Does the New SEO Course by John Jarvis Fare?


In the world of seo, there is so much thrown at us that I rarely pay attention to it – unless it is a fairly sound course, it would not even resonate.  Today I am reviewing such a course :

I am doing a review of the JOHN JARVIS COURSE (a true seo education), How To Be First on Google (a set of videos)

Sakura Project Worldwide Video Training Course

Jan AshbyI do feel that overall, John Jarvis and company provide much good information in their search engine optimization course, since they cover BOTH on page seo, & Off-page seo – as well as explaining how to use video on your blog, plus they give a sound seo education as to how to adjust the settings within Youtube (for your video to RANK).

The  course videos provided are in HD (high def) – so they’re attractive and EASY to comprehend  (A+  for that).


A Few Suggestions on How to Improve This Seo Course

NOTE #1:  The youtube training section needs to be updated.  That is, it could use additional videos and add in a checklist so that newbies can visually SEE each step to do. With video alone, it is too challenging for a beginner

to compile (and memorize) what all the steps are, from the video.  (The checklist could be within a video, but a written list in PDF form would be better)

Update:  There have now been some checklists added   🙂


Forum Training

One thing I feel the “First on Google” training course could benefit from is training on forums and  how the communication in forums should be (protocol). Likely as not, they are planning to embellish their training a bit;

it could be helpful to show the basics on Forum protocol and etiquette – i.e. how to behave and have good ethics.  Also, for newbies – to have an explanation as to the Bulletin Board code.


NOTE: it might be useful for newbies to realize that not ALL forums have the same exact layout, or bulletin

board functionality. Meaning that an administrator can create his own custom code: “The administrator of the

board can create complex BBCodes to allow the use of JavaScript or iframe functions in posts, for example

embedding a YouTube or Google Video complete with viewer directly into a post.”

Now, many forums have implemented new features such as personal galleries, and chat systems, so that users can interact with each other. Most forum software is now completely customizable with “hacks” or “modifications”

available to customize your forum to yours and your members needs. The above quote is taken directly from  Another thing to know regarding forums is that with some forums, a poster may have to wait for his or her comment to be approved.  Forums do differ, as you can see.


Blog Training Offered with the How to Be First on Google Seo Course

I do feel that John does a real good job instructing both beginner & intermediate WordPress users as to how to properly craft their blog post. Also, he understands the importance of using video in one’s blog post (on page seo);

and he understands off-page SEO, as well.    I’ll give you a good example here:

at Youtube, there is a place to adjust your “description” on your new video (that you’ve created) so that your off-page

SEO tactics can impact your Google search engine rankings in a positive way.  IF you know what you’re doing. And

this is something which is covered in great detail in the seo course I’m reviewing for you today.  John really tries to

explain well in his videos, so that newcomers can attain a sound seo education.   In general, John Jarvis tries to TELL

you WHY he is doing something, so that a beginner can get a quality seo education.  And also, if a student can grasp

the reason WHY he is supposed to do something, he is more likely to follow throughSo this is one of the main things

I liked about John – He is a really patient advisor and teacher, & he doesn’t speak TOO rapidly on his videos. And

he DETAILS everything – well, 99% of the time!

I know this is important to people (to beginners to WordPress especially) which is likely why I was attracted to his Sakura project to begin with   🙂

And he surrounds himself with such good people – wow, I was amazed at that !   You see, the other founders (instructors) of The Sakura Project are quite knowledgeable, and altogether have 100 years worth of seo experience (if you totaled everyone’s SEO education).


Conclusion for Sakura Project

You most definitely can learn a lot with this “mastermind group”, if you stick with it and attend the weekly seminars & meetings. And there is a pretty good pay plan associated with this, as well.   In my opinion, the

  mastermind group

alone is worth the price of admission.  😉