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How To SPLIT Test Your Squeeze Pages, Headlines or Web Pages

Doing a Split test will provide you information as to which headline is performing best, or will determine the BEST performer of 2 LCP’s, or Sales pages.

There are some BASIC things you can start out with – assuming you have already created 2 separate pages to “split test”:

  2. Subheadline
  3. Price Point
  4. Payment Terms
  5. Guarantee
  6. Pop Up Box time delay


Customers May Object to Certain Things – Here’s an Example

As an example,  on #4 Payment Terms – there are some marketers who have continuity BUILT  into their product or offer – and there are people in this world who strenuously OBJECT to being “locked into” a membership program.  Even if they can cancel.  No joke here – I’ve been 1 of them myself !   😕

So you can see why you have to create two (2) of everything and split test it.  Whether it’s a Sales page, a lead capture page, a graphic, or even the time delay prior to a pop up appearing  – test it out !  Another thing that is generally considered a “No-no”  is to have a video set to auto-play.  In most cases, you don’t want to do it (with minor exception). 

Okay, so what are other design elements to consider?  Well, you might wonder what style of Font is good for HEADLINES –  I like to use Verdana (and I know that many marketers do use this); with Verdana you can fit more words per line, so that’s one reason for its popularity.  You can read more about fonts and typography at this trusted site


Split Testing:  An Introduction

If you have Aweber, here is a good explanation on Split Testing, and its purpose – heck, you should watch it even if you don’t use Aweber, as it is a good breakdown for beginners.  One of the primary points is the fact that you HAVE to wait until you’ve received an ample amount of traffic to Split Test A  and  Split Test B, in order to make any conclusion.

The other significant point in this video is that you create  a Web form  in aweber, then you’ll click “COPY” button to get an exact replicate (so you’ll have 2 forms for split testing) – then, you need to make one small change to the form, and give it a new name.  Then set up your parameters as to traffic (i.e, if you’ve got 2 forms you’ll split the traffic 50 – 50 – but if you have 3 forms you’re testing, then you’d set the Aweber parameter  to 33% ).


Sales Pages: Analyzing What Elements to Split Test

Okay, while the font size on your Sales page may SEEM inconsequential to you, it truthfully CAN make an impact.   Studies will bear this out – you can read up on THIS.

Now, I found a video which covers Split-Testing on Low Traffic Sites – you may like to see the ADVICE here:

One thing I like is how he (the Speaker) analyzes visitor’s confidence level when they are at a website – as a website owner, you need to be thinking about these things.  See how Bryan explains that during the Checkout phase (after a shopper has put something in the cart at your site) is a GREAT Time to remind consumers of your Return Policy – why?  Because it gives them assurance, and greater confidence, to shop at your site now and in the future !

These are known as “point of action” assurances.  Point of Action assurances are also things such as guarantees, and informing a customer what WILL HAPPEN next during the Checkout process – or even the fact that their privacy will be safeguarded (protected).  😆  You want to make your website visitor feel protected – so try to include visual trust seals or emblems such as “HACKER SAFE” at your site or blog.


Next Split Testing Tutorial:  Introducing Google Experiments


Just a brief introduction to Google Experiments – a new way Google has given us, to perform “A/B” split tests.




Here is a pretty good way to try out Visual Website Optimizer – You may try it Free for 30 days (no credit card needed).  It’s up to you – do your due diligence, and if you’re interested go for it.  Either way, I don’t get a commission off it   😎    Here’s a Youtube video tutorial detailing it:




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