List Building: Grasping the Basics

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This video list building course consists of nine videos. It will give you a good solid base for understanding what List Building is, and why you should use email marketing as a way to increase your overall income.

Bear in mind that you need to build a relationship with your subscribers. They need to be treated well, to remain on your list.

Just treat your subscribers the way you would want to be treated, and you should do fine.

The videos are all in mp4 format. If you don’t have a video player, you may want to try VLC player.

VIDEO 1Why You Need a List

VIDEO 2How To Work With A List

VIDEO 3Picking an Autoresponder

VIDEO 4Writing Emails That Get Clicks

VIDEO 5The Squeeze Page

VIDEO 6Creating A Sign Up Form

VIDEO 7Split Testing

VIDEO 8 Gifts for Emails

VIDEO 9 – List Building with FB


*Note: Facebook list building is touched on in the last video.

Once you’ve gone through this video learning series, you can take The 15 Day Email Challenge (this should help you greatly). It will give you solid practice in crafting your first email series – try to develop your 15 emails in fifteen days (or close to it).

[You can SIGN UP for the 15 Day Email challenge on main page of

Resources: How to Split Test Correctly and
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Good luck in your efforts online .