Webinar Types and Training: A Video Education

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Hi. Jan Ashby here    Jan_Ashby-Online-Marketing-Trainer


Today I want to share with you – so you can learn more about the sorts of webinars you can hold.

Did you know there are:

  1.  Training Webinars
  2.  Live Webinars
  3.  Automated Webinars
  4.  Evergreen Webinars
  5.  Sales Webinars
  6.  Meeting Webinars
  7.  Webinars with Mindmapping
  8.  Power Point Webinars

Here is an introduction to webinars, webinar types, webinar tools, and more.  Once you have an education, you can choose the type of webinar you’d like to conduct.  Mindmapping can be truly useful to use with your webinar.

Please kind in mind this is a general overview for you.  The speaker is a realtor, and she likes GoToWebinar – but there are other choices (such as Webex, Instant Teleseminar or Google Hangout even).

With Instant Teleseminar, it’s easy to record (and you get an archive) – plus you don’t have to deal with some of the more complex issues, such as Bandwidth and video.  In fact, with this tool people will either CALL in & listen or they will be able to CLICK a button that will stream it live for them, over the internet.

With PowerPoint, you can make Notes for yourself (which appear at the Bottom) to use during your presentation. Powerpoint works with Microsoft Word.  *You can create a LOGO for yr presentation, and there are many templates, so you can customize your experience.

Also, with PowerPoint you can print out the entire presentation.

It all depends on your preferences and what you want to accomplish.

You can even pre-record a webinar, for later viewing.  There are many options.

Video 1 – An Overview  (Discusses the Types of Webinar, & Demonstrates Presenter using Mindmaps)

Video 2 – The Meeting Webinar

Video 3 – The Training Webinar

Video 4 – The Sales Webinar

Video 5 – Set Up a Live Webinar   *You CAN redirect people to a page on yr blog right after signup, with GoToWebinar  (For instance, you may want to chat with them)   *Set up chat plugin for this

Video 6 – Set Up a Live Webinar cont’d (Discusses Editing Yr Setup in GoToWebinar & other options etc.)

Video 7 – Live Webinar Checklist

Video 8 – Choosing a Webinar Provider

Video 9 – Webex – The Gold Standard in Webinars

Video 10 – The Evergreen Webinar

Video 11 – Evergreen Webinar Checklist

Video 12 – Presentation Tools

Video 13 – Mind Maps Part 1

Video 14 – Mind Maps Part 2

Video 15 – Power Point Presentations

Video 16 – Creating Visuals and Squeeze Pages in PowerPoint (also Interacting with People)


With respect to Live Webinar providers, you should visit each provider’s website & “take the controls” as a Presenter – then you can judge which tool is RIGHT for you.  Do not purchase without asking for a demo.


NOTE 1:  Video 5  Part 1 will show you about GoToWebinar, How to Do Surveys of Participants, Chat, etc.  Webinar_Types

NOTE 2:  The volume starts out low in Video 3 (at 4 Minutes in, it improves)

NOTE 3:  Power Point Presentations – Using Animation with Your Slides  (Works with Microsoft Word)



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