What is a Blog Used For – To Rank High on Google:

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Blogs and Keyword Research:  Related  Keyword Research & Advanced Keyword Research

By Jan Ashby

Youtube Training
Watch this video – it does an excellent job  of answering the question, What is a Blog Used for –  To rank high on Google of course –

Okay people, today you get to see step-by-step training on doing a ” keyword wash” .  The keyword wash will SHOW you, in detail, how to conduct your keyword research and analyze a keyword phrase, to see if it will “fit”  for your blog post.  You see, a blog post requires organization – and great KEYWORD RESEARCH – prior to carving out the post.  You don’t simply dash it off .

You will be using the Google keyword planner tool, and you can see an introductory tutorial HERE.   With this tool, you can paste in your list of keywords or you may IMPORT a text list of keywds you have on your computer.



It’s kind of a cool tool in the respect that you can SEARCH for say, fewer than 1000 searches (meaning you can USE the “less than” Sign) and you can do a SEARCH only for keywords that have at LEAST 10,000 Searches  (using the “Greater than” sign).  The point I’m making is you’re able to LIMIT or control your search.  And you can USE FILTERS inside Google’s keyword planner – say you only wanted to search for United States results (or English speaking nations), you can do this.

The way I do it – is I head to Google.com and see if my word is a “money word” – if a list of ADS is displaying on the RIGHT side of Google (& there are 5 or more ads), then I know I can use it for google adsense.  Of course, there are any number of Affiliate programs you can use your MONEY Word for.

Keyword Ideas:  Guidelines                 Related keywords

At the outset, you ought to use keywords with LESS competition – a good rule of thumb  is to look for fewer than 100,000 competing sites.  And I also like to use a good paid keyword tool (Keyword Jeet) to ANALYZE whether or not my “Seed keyword” has an  ample amt of “Related Keywords”.

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Important:  In respect to competition, you’re analyzing the Top 10 Google results and judging whether or not you can BEAT out a specific post. Thus, you don’t care HOW MANY overall links the site’s Home page has – just the number of Links to that specific Blog Page !

Resources:  If You are a Beginner Watch This

Okay, I have for you a suggested video on basic keyword research – it’s a solid place for you to start:  CLICK Here .

Once you have watched that, here are some very good John Jarvis tutorial videos on performing sound keyword research.



Performing RELATED Keyword Research (Advanced)

Multiple Listings in Google are Within Your Reach – If You Tackle the Competition

jan ashby

You will be examining each of the
Top 10 sites, and look into the Page Rank, Alexa rank, and number of backlinks and compare your own Blog post’s page rank, Alexa rank, and number of backlinks and see whether or not you might compete. You need to analyze things correctly – you may NEED to be doing some backlinking, if there is STIFF competition .

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To Your Success,

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