Yahoo Video: Example of Yahoo Search Engine Results Possible

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Yahoo Video Search:  Personal Results Achieved with Sakura Project

DATE:  January 2, 2013

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Hi everybody.  This post is not only for newcomers – WordPress Beginners – but is for intermediate internet marketers, as well.  That is, those who have been online for a bit but need info on Video marketing, or

video seo

Or just a bit of encouragement.  You CAN do this – we offer excellent video SEO training through the SAKURA PROJECT


Here are my results in Yahoo Video

YAHOO VIDEO FOR SEO HINTS:  Position 1 and 2

And for those that want to get a quick Video Tips list, I will post that at the end of this vlog


The crux of things is as follows:

Develop your Youtube channel – create a nice-looking channel, and begin to add videos to it.  You want to ADD quite a few videos, and the Title, Description, and tags you give it are important.

Keyword research is the first thing you do – I presume you understand that. Once you’ve done your keyword research (and this includes finding “related” keywords) – you’ll give the video a title (inside your Youtube dashboard) and you want to put your KEYWORD PHRASE at the very beginning.  Next you have to come up with a good description,  and some TAGS.  Yet there is more to this.  You’ll social bookmark the video, and make sure it is indexed.

Once it is indexed, you’ll be building some backlinks – we have some SECRET methods (video seo) that we’ll show you inside Sakura Project.  Suffice it to say you’ll be doing promotion once your Youtube video is indexed.

Plus you’ll ADD +  the video to other Top-notch video sites (Dailymotion, metacafe, vimeo etc.) – and you probably want to create a Playlist – yes, that’s definitely important.  This needs more discussion – I’ll include a link at END of post.


Youtube Playlists:  How These Help You with Your Video Marketing

You can watch THIS video for instruction on How to Set it up  – it is a person with a good clear voice.  Once you have your playlist organized, you can go back and edit it .. You can change the order, delete a video, and set the THUMBNAIL.

There is a second video you might view (guy with a scottish accent) – but it is longer (8 minutes) and has some additional notes.  Youtube video: Playlists

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