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The Sakura Project Internet Marketing Training


Internet Marketing Facts

Fact is, that internet marketing has made more millionaires than any other industry out there. On the other side of the coin is the fact that it has probably produced the most of what people would call “failures”.

We here at the Sakura Project Personal Development Internet Marketing Institute take what we do quite seriously and time is money. The checklist is made up of 4 steps you NEED to complete
before we will mentor you, and take you to the next level.

The Sakura Project Internet Marketing Training Checklist

Internet Marketing Checklist – STEP  1

First and foremost, you do not even need internet marketing training unless you have your own domain name. Your name.com. If that is not available get YourNameOnline.com, or WorkWithYourName.com.

Some of the top internet network marketers in the world should be paid attention to. Let’s think about that for a minute. Mike Dillard is one of the top and he came up with the Magnetic Sponsoring System. Mike’s website is Mike Dillard.Net.

Then there is Janet Legere and Gerry Schroeder. Janet is one of the top internet marketers worldwide and she owns her own internet marketing training company called the Contact List Builder. Gerry is one of the top network marketers in the world and his company is called Second Income Coach which is yet another internet mrketing training company that has a funded proposal that comes along with it.  (Both of these companies are offered through Sakura).  JanetLegere.com and GerrySchroederOnline.com respectively are their websites. With that being said, Step 1 is getting your own domain name. You can do that pretty easily through HostGator, or another hosting outfit you trust.  And you can ask me a question on that, too.

Internet Marketing Training Next Steps

Step 2 is another thing that every successful internet marketer has. You must have web hosting in order to have a website. There are many web hosting companies online. Too many to count really. John Jarvis’ son Jesse has tried many of them out to take the guesswork out, for the people that work with the Sakura Project. You may as well stick with what we know works, and run with the crowd.

I highly recommend GVO. They are one of the largest web hosting companies in the world and for those that do not have a lot of money to spend, their web hosting includes a video producer, an autoresponder, and many more internet marketing tools. You can get a GVO account for a $1 trial period of 7 days, and then it is only $7.95 monthly.

If you are interested, Sakura has a dedicated server and we will host your website for $4 per month ourselves. We also have a video hosting website that Sakura Project members have access to, free.

Which brings us to Step 3, your autoresponder.  I use and love Aweber – it is very reliable.  Also I have used Trafficwave, and it is a dependable service. You get unlimited contacts that you can add to it for a free 30 day trial and then it is only $17.95 monthly. An autoresponder is a necessity, and this is another internet network marketing fact.


Internet Marketing Training – Step 4 is to download Skype.  Skype is used for real time internet marketing training. I do not dare to say there will be someone in our room 24/7, but help is never too far away when you may need it. To download Skype, click here. After you download Skype, you simply sign in to it.  Be sure to record your login & password, & keep it in a secure space.

Click on the new Skype icon on your desktop and after you are logged in and the window opens up, in the bottom left hand corner there is a line that says “Add Contact”.  Click on that, and when another window opens up, enter in the name:  Jan Ashby
(NOTE:  I am the particular JAN ASHBY located in North Dakota )

I will see that you added me as a contact, I will in return *allow* it, and we’ll be able to connect through Skype. *Note: It is possible to place a Skype button on your personal website, so you can foster communication with the visitors to your site.

Last but not least, you join my internet marketing training company called The Sakura Project for free.  Now you can learn wordpress, and become an instructor for newbies to the Net – with Sakura Worldwide, you can NOT only learn about wordpress you can take personal development classes, as well as seo classesYou live in an age where many things ARE possible; with the advent of the Internet, you can now reach out to people across the Globe !

Internet Marketing Training –  In Summary

AN easy way to do all this, is to go through GVO

From GVO, you can get everything you need in this internet marketing training checklist for $7.95.  So once again, here is your internet marketing training checklist:

1. Get Your Own Domain Name

2. Get Your Webhosting, whether that be from us, from GVO, Hostgator, or from some other source.

3. Get your autoresponder.

4. Add me to Skype so we can communicate, and I can help you.  Find ‘Jan Ashby’ by doing a search within Skype, & remember   Jan Ashby  I’m the Jan Ashby in No. Dakota, USA

The Sakura Project – Internet Marketing Training

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